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I came from a dark place, a place of selfishness, violence, abuse, alcohol & drugs. I never thought of my future, I never gave thought to who I was, or what I would become. I wasn't always this way, I grew up in a typical middle class American Family, but most of my Family Members had given up hope with me. I was in Circuit Court in Detroit, Mi. facing spending the rest of my life in prison and noticed my Father was in the Courtroom, he hadn't given up hope. I did go on to spend several years in prison, but there was some "connection" between my Father and I that was not there before. That was 17 years ago, almost 2 years ago my Father crossed over, but not before we developed a Father Son Loving relationship. Shortly after Dads crossing, I was overwhelmed with awareness of my own Spirituality, but a desire that came from my Soul to become a Shaman. I stayed up nights studying Shamanism, attended classes & seminars, eventually completing my 9 Rites 11/27/2012. I have never felt so complete, so content. I have journeyed to past lives & now realize my "dark days" were a necessary experiance for me, it was my destiny. I now live in ayni and with munay. Thank You Great Spirit, Thank You Spirit Guides, Thank You Karen my Mentor and I Thank my Animal Totems, both The Wise Owl, and The Red Tailed Hawk. If you have a troubled family member, my door is always open for those in need.


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