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Betul AydinerI was at the Women's Circle organized by Olivia Olkowski on Jan 2nd. 2011 in New York. The subject of the first journey was to "face something we had wanted to achieve but could not".

My third marriage was deteriorating and I asked my Power Animal why I hadn't been able to sustain my marriages. The conversation went as follows word for word:

PA: Because you loved them more than you loved yourself! You served them hand and foot, you made yourself a doormat. What does one do to doormats? They wiped their feet and stomped on it.

ME: But I thought that I was learning to love myself in the past couple of months...

PA: No,no,no!!! You realized that you didn't love him as much in the past few months, so the second best love in your case which is self love , started to show up. You have a long way to go yet...

ME: Is there anything I can do to save this marriage?

PA: No! He also got used to abusing you.

ME: But I don't like living alone, will there be somebodyelse at this age?

PA: If you don't learn to love yourself it doesn't matter if there will be a dozen more, your relationships will all end like this.

Jan 3rd was his birthday, and of course he chose to yell at me. For the first time in my marriage I yelled back declaring that I want a divorce. We got divorced March 8 2011.

I am happily living alone since. PA says that I have learned to love myself now :)
What I wonder is why he chooses to speak in English all the time :)