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Sally JoyceMeeting My 9x Great Grandmother

In the particular peace of Pelee Island, that is nestled in between places – between Canada and the US, between land and water, between times past and times present – the call to journey was strong once again. I was sitting facing the trees enjoying the dappled light and waving branches of the mid June breeze, when I felt it pulling. I began drumming and called to one of my power animals to help me practice the forest running journey entry that I had been introduced to a month ago by Tom Cowan. Her name had come into my consciousness earlier in the day, prompting me to journey to meet her a second time and discover more about her. The first time we met, she asked me to call her Ewehen. She had come to teach me of ancient hearths. In that journey she showed herself to me and she looked very much like me. She knew who I was and had been waiting for me. When the question about grandmother rose from my belly, through my heart and out of my lips she answered “It is 9 greats”.
So off my power animal and I ran, over and under and through the forest, and it was not long before I spotted her darting in and out of the trees in a very merry way. With the wisdom of the journey assisting me, I knew instantly that she was playing a game of hide and seek. She invited me to play. With the heaviness of ordinary reality life lifted from me in this non-ordinary place, I easily fell into a playful mood and joined in the game. So we played, roughhoused, and frolicked for a while that now seems frozen in time. She shared with me that she has waited a very long time to play with a grandchild. She explained that most of them could not connect with her and flashed images of generations of hiding after threats of persecution and death became the consequences for being our healing, knowing, and seeing true selves. She continued to exude her joyousness that those times are coming to an end. She said that because of the generational disconnection, a lot of healing had to be done, on my part, before I could have a relationship with her, and then she tackled me in a hug and we tumbled to the ground, lying on the earth in a merging hug. I began to feel fullness in my lower belly and the next deep chapter of my ordinary/non-ordinary life had begun. That day, on that island, in that journey, I truly allowed myself to begin to remember who I am.
Six years later, as I write this, I continue to allow generations of wounds of being in hiding and being inauthentic to peel away. As the earth returns to her authentic powerful self we are returning in our full unmasked glory.

Sally Ann Drury Joyce