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Can a chakra be stolen?
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 Post subject: Fallen angels, crown chakras and past lives stolen?
 Post Posted: Wed May 23, 2012 8:26 am 

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There are entities telling me for the past two and half years that an evil angel has my crown chakra. They say they have my past lives and all of my merits. They say they can steal and use it to escape judgement day. I took some photos when they are around, and in one it really does resemble one with 20 petals and something on top. I don't feel much different though.

How can I take it back and anything else they stole, or is this not possible for them to have removed a crown chakra? They say an arch angel took it off of me and gave it to them, because it hates me. They also say they have my soul in a jar, my heart chakra and spiritual heart, and a lot of my golden energies. They also claim to have casted my star out of heaven, and do some signs and wonders often. They use something called gematria, which is like a hororscope, and put my name in there and play games and then use what it says on there to harm me.

A lot of this looks like black magic. I sometimes expect it could be my business partner who is not a good person to me anymore. Also, three years ago my girlfriend died in a car accident, and this all started after I brought a buddha image home and prayed for her. An entity came to my prayer garden and told me satan possessed her body and caused her accident, and then I did everything I could to help her. Then these things began attacking me a lot. They torment me and refuse to leave, and make up so many lies and do everything to not leave. Even the ones that look like angels I think are in on part of it. I need some advice. I have gotten rid of the buddha images or put them away, and it has been almost a year or more now and they are still at it.

 Post subject: Re: Fallen angels, crown chakras and past lives stolen?
 Post Posted: Thu May 31, 2012 1:15 pm 

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Go to and find a practitioner skilled in this sort of thing. She has a referral list that is excellent.


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