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 Post subject: Shapechangers
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:41 pm 

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Some believe it is wrong, but I read on one site that love shapes the world and I think that is cool, to love people and try to understand instead of judging harshly because someone is different like me. I shape change and other things and my cousin says we descend from aliens. I feel alone sometimes and it is hard.

 Post subject: Re: Shapechangers
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:04 pm 

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I do not physically shapechange. ... well I take it back.

I will give an example: I was born male. (I have male "Junk" ) However, I have been calling myself "Bi-gender" Because I am characteristically male AND female in many many ways. I am hyperly aware of gender stereotypes. It helps me to understand people on a more intimate level, and to communicate to them where others have tried and failed. I have an advantage because I identify with both Genders. There was traditionally a place for people like me in Native Indians of all continents at one time. The American Indians call us "Two-Spirits"

Anyways, I hold a unique position where I can shapechange the way I see the world: Through Male eyes. Through Female eyes. Along with my unique social understandings - I also enjoy a wide variety of personal clothing choices, and can look very very "Butch (Masculine/Macho)" or I can look very Girly or I can look very Androgynous (Mix/Vague). In other words I can shapeshift my outsides ... but to a degree...I am still Human and I still have a Human life to survive and thrive in, and with it comes the challenge of having Integrity, simultaneous (At the same time) as having Passion(s), Simultaneous to having Responsibilities and the Need to Survive - Physically, Socially, ETC.

All of this matters. Because one little change - in my mind , in my physical presentation by clothing/hairstyle of choice, in Intention, in the tone of my voice. In the length and depth of the silences I leave in between each word I speak, and each word I choose to use - All this Really does make a huge difference in how people see me, and How I see the world, and how to world changes, reacts, and responds around me.

I have heard of people who are able to shapechange into different species. I do not understand them, and I would like to understand more.

I will say that I consider myself to be a Shapeshifter, however I will also say that by virtue of being a Spirit in a Body - Everyone is shapeshifting, constantly, in different ways. I guess it's just a matter if one does it conciously - on purpose, or if one is even aware that they are constantly changing, or not. Either scenario - People are always changing or "Shapechanging", no matter what they believe. For ME, and people like me, this is what I SEE and Believe.

Another thing: I have believed for some time now, that when you motivate yourself, see yourself and the world from LOVE - Life goes one way. And when you motivate yourself/look at yourself and the world through the eyes of FEAR --It takes you to an entirely different destination.

It really does make a difference. Speaking from experience. (I still do a lot of stuff motivated by fear, I'm not perfect at all in that respect)

Can you please clarify, for me, what YOU mean by Shapechange? How/In what way(s) do you do this? What are the results of the last time you did this?

I am very very curious, and interested in this topic. :wink:

The thing you say about Love: To me that sounds like you want to "Coexist"

There are ways to know if your Ancestors were really Aliens from outter space. Just an FYI.

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