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 Post subject: Shamanic Community Development
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:24 pm 

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Aho sacred family....

I am an activist, I have developed a website for sustainable and shamanic community development.... I am affiliated with several communities which are building new paradigm alternative life-styles.... I was recently arrested in USA and detained illegally without a lawyer for 27 days for having sacramental peyote having been a member of the native american church for 3 years... I am currently living in the mountains of south america and traveling with very little..... The arrest was unfortunate timing because it came right after the development of the nonprofit organization I have founded..... I am working closely with many communities we need finance for development so we can continue to build sustainable alternatives and sanctuaries to preserve the purity of mother nature......, and the purity of shamanic lineage and wisdom.... I am 22 years old...., I have been in serious study and practice for 4 years.

The explanation is here, with propsed projects and information...

the donation email is for paypal or I can take western union.... below is more information I have documented concerning community development.... click on the link above to see in full detail....

Tribal Resource Treasury.
Spiritual & Sustainable Revolutions for Consciousness

We are currently raising resources to tribal development... We are also acquiring an alliance of communities who will be able to use these funds in order to begin building the foundations for a new world movement of sustainable communities.... We have been involved with the development of numerous healing communities and ecovillages over the past several years, and this resource treasury is intending to serve as a not for profit vehicle for the finance of sustainable communities, ecovillages, healing centers, and avenues of conscious development...... We have numerous communities in existance requiring financial support! We need help!.... These communities are already active and working at the moment on the ground for community healing, holistic health, rain-forest restoration, and the preservation of spiritual lineage.....

Treasury Funds:

We currently have $010,700..
Projects producing capital in the works, should receive more soon... Projects in the work involve investment management to produce exponentual growth in resource which can be directly transferred into the hands of developing spiritual and sustainable communities, charities, non-profits, activists, and otherwise.... we currently have a large association of communities which we have worked with personally, which is continuing to grow and expand.....


Grant Applications: OPEN
Send Documentation to
Grants are Eligible for:
Communities, Visionaries, Artists, Sustainable Projects, Activism, Spiritual Ceremony

Your project is...
Building Community, Holistic/Sustainable, and Benefiting Consciousness or Other Life-Forms.

We won't be able to give grants until we are having more financial backing, might be a month, however you are all welcome to send in proposals in the mean-time for consideration.... there are some number of projects which have already received priority, which include several sustainable and healing communities already in existance...., because of the high demand of communities we may not be able to finance new projects for some period of time.... we have some plans in development for monetary growth and investment, which are currently flourishing as we speak in bountiful abundance.... Our ability to give grants will vary depending on strength of funds, pending success of long term financial investment we may have the resources to finance entire healing centers or communities, including land and facilities.... who knows! In the mean time, let's build tribe... please contact me and see how we can symbiotically benefit one another so share mediums, skills, knowledge, and resource.... I have some number of skills and knowledge.

I am giving healing services by donations and pooling all resources into the fund, I am also working on other projects producing monetary capital and pooling 100% of the resources into the funds... all of which belongs to the collective whole... I encourage inspired beings to communicate, especially if you are already established, we have received some communications with growing communities and we are looking forward to meeting more individuals as the collective tribe continues to grow towards the enlightenment of the human species and collective civilization.....

Contact + PayPal:

Alternate Payments: WU, LR, Bank Wire

Invest In Planetary Healing! 100% Charitable.

Alternate Payments: Western Union, Liberty Reserve, E-gold, Bank Wire, Money Order, CONTACT

Aho, sacred blessings to you all.... We will be creating an alliance of tribes and allowing for greater expansion of community, as well as the alleviation of resources. I have lived without money for most of 3 years, eating out of trash cans and sleeping on the streets or the forests for months at a time as a method of protesting the economic system, while also providing spiritual healing services free of charges to those in need, among many other curious things...

I am capable of handling large amounts of monetary resource without spending anything on myself, even if I am starving, due to the serious practice of spiritual austerities and renunciation through-out my life... for this reason I have circumvented the traditional means of non-profit, considering myself a renunciation of citizenship.

I believe all natural resource is belonging to the holistic benefit of all living beings, and thus I see monetary resources only as a symbolic representation of potential energy, which is coming directly from the death and decay of the natural world and the spilled blood of nature..., Thus I have taken it upon myself to arrange a treasury fund which can distribute wealth to communities... The current monetary situation is one which depends on the exploitation of the natural world and of those cultures which are deprived for the benefit of some elite few imperialists. We are needing to liberate ourselves from this limited form of economic slavery and come into new understandings of collective resource management which can assist on healing the material qualities of our world.

All donations are helping the organization make more money to distribute through wise sustainable investments which are private. We are basically spiritual welfare with sustainable solutions. I have a strong network of communities to draw resources and assistance from, and this organization was created in ~3 days with diligent effort....Those of you who know me, please sign up!

Once we acquire sufficient resource we will be receiving applications for applicable Tribes, Communities, Activists, Healers, Visionaries, Artists, and otherwise to receive monetary grants for projects which are aligned with planetary healing and the awakening of consciousness.... These projects will be adhering to strict regulations regarding spending, in that negative corporate influences will be avoided at all costs to save further damages to the biosphere, and only items which are of needed and sustainably orientated may be purchased, in other words only materials which are going to serve the harmonious development of a sustainable paradigm may be purchased.... WE renounce capitalism and imperial destruction in order to give birth to greater creations....

Capitalism is shedding the blood of the nature and we are here to create new systems which can be built on top of this in order to create foundations for tribal living. We are against the holistic economic system which has resulted only in the deprivation the world....

Priority will be given to those with detailed plans for sustainable projects, including pictures or extensive documentation for larger grants, or to those with already established forming or existing community structures, as well as anyone with remarkable visionary ideas that are in alignment with our cause. We may give preferences to individuals or communities in deprived economic situations such as those facing starvation or lacking living facilities, for those who need benefits where money is not so readily acquirable, or indigenous villages in need of assistance. A good deal of our monetary resource is also going towards the construction of sustainable communities with long term plans for a one percent sustainable holistic healing center for an alliance of healers to come together and provide healing services and education, which is taking great deals of time... We may also finance grassroots healers who are doing work in third world countries or other established organizations which are supporting the empowerment of indigenous populations or the restoration of the nature.

In our limited foresight, we see about 10% of our financing coming from donations, with the greater majority of our financing coming from the efforts of volunteer investment professionals and contributes. No one is getting paid from the donations received, absolutely no profit of individuals, it is all going into collective resource funds for community developments and towards the grant projects. Our volunteers live and work in sustainable conditions, and do not need monetary resource, and are currently undergoing much hardship to make such sacrifices.

The rest being accumulated through sustainable investments and allies of ours who are assisting us with this project, as we have other members with large income sources who are readily assisting the investment in our projects.... We have the resources of investment to come up with significant monetary backing from our private investors who we are working closely with in our alliance, so there will be insurmountable return for all donations received based upon our sustainable investing strategies, which involve going beyond the enslavement of monetary currency.


<em>We have long term investment strategies for some number of projects which are including a number of facilities and communities which can provide sanctuaries for mass numbers of people seeking holistic life-style solutions, however this is on the back burner for the time... in due time we will have a strong and solidified alliance of communities who will be receiving a network of funding to produce 100% sustainable communities and tribes which can support families and members of our global human race.... the following is a list of our personal investment priorities.

Financing Sustainable Community Development

We are working on the behalf of several forming and established communities which are seriously deprived and lacking in the resource department, where upon we are needing greater financial investment. These communities are developing all over the world, and we are working primarily within the North and South Americas. We have close associations with the International Rainbow Family, and many well trained grassroots healers, communities, and individuals who will benefit from this project. We have extremely benevolent intentions and our associates are below the ground so to speak, so we are providing a blanket where upon these investments may be directed accordingly in order to protect and preserve the integrity of the natural world, and the freedom of consciousness as a vehicle of enlightenment.

We have established friendships inside of the monetary world, and for this reason our finances are being handled extremely well. We have people actively working for our benefit, and for every one donation received we are able to receive an exponential return through our partnership with well trained investors, who are in balance and aligned with our cause. We are working closely with grass roots healers who are working from within the heart of nature, that are allowing us to see beyond the illusion of monetary resource and limitation into the greater freedom of the spirit. We recognize all resource as something coming from the divine, and of this capacity we are learning together to honor the privileges of our material world. The intention is that all communities will eventually become economically independent upon the acquisition of sustainable resources, structures, land, and otherwise necessary tools.

All resources are pooled into tribal collectives, which means that no one being is responsible for the monetary acquisition and resource. Our choices to handle funds are managed through tribal meetings, and through this action we avoid corruption completely, as no single individual is responsible for the delegation of resources, and our members incur no expenses in their life-style patterns having spent great deals of time living without money in sustainable living situations. All resources are transferred directly into the exponential growth of the project, as well as the sustenance of our global tribe and family which is coming in many different forms.... As we are having numerous influences and sources.

Upon the request of our investors, we are keeping our affairs anonymous for the time being while we gather the resources for the base developments in order to protect the records of our members, as unfortunately many of our members have had violent intrusions from law enforcement officers for peaceful protesting or non-violent leadership, and thus we are having roots in activism and we are choosing to remain under the radar. The blanket of our organization is existing primarily to transfer resources directly into deprived sustainably orientated communities and grassroots healers and spiritual leaders who are working diligently towards the foundations of new paradigm consciousness, being in alignment with the planetary healing of nature.

In due time providing us with the acquisition of land for communities and also grants for sustainable agriculture and healing works.... this is meaning through our investment in foreign resources we are able to hand out grants to grassroots healing organizations, and developing communities with sustainable intentions for the higher development of consciousness.

Communities seeking grants will be accepted based upon an application system, which we are developing right now to be managed by our tribal council members, and will be up and running live on our website in a matter of time once the appropriate resources have been acquired, however we are prepared to go offline given the transient nature of the internet, which is under the censorship of greedy power mongers, in order to perpetuate and expand even towards international community development... We have our own systems of communication which are based upon shamanic vision and the natural resonance of the earth's congruent field. These new paradigm alternatives to sustainable and higher consciousness communities are flourishing through-out the world, and are in dire need of resource. We are providing a hub through-which resources may be funneled into the investments of private individuals who are allowing us to gain exponentially through their good knowledge and will... This is for the benefit of our world family, which means that all beings are considered upon the establishment of these services. All donations have exponential return.

We are considering investing in larger scale sustainable land projects for the development of both sacred temples and sanctuaries. The land project(s) are going to include the facilities for completely sustainable living away from the need for privatized industry, The intentions of the communities are to provide healing services for all beings who are ready to embrace a sustainable way of life. Our focus is primarily going to be inclusive of providing services for the welfare of families, children, and tribal orientated community solutions.... with a strong emphasis on harmonious relationships with nature and also the collective healing of humanity, in open-ended freedom and being. As it stands, we have next to nothing and are solely dependent on the malicious intentions of a corrupted economic system to hold our forts down.

we are collectively realizing the limitations of the economic system, and for this reason all planned communities are intending to become fully sustainable within two years of development with sufficient will power and investment. We are setting up the procedure for grants to be delegated towards our third party investors who wish to benefit from our works, which will be coming on our website which is being developed by volunteers as we speak.

realize that we are visionaries and seers looking at the long term development of the world, and in the long-run money is the least important aspect of our human evolution... in the end the idea of money is needing to be transcended so that we can find other ways to work together in simplicity to make space for the healing of the planet, given the destruction which has been caused by corrupted economic institutions. The economic system is the least important aspect in the long run, however at this time it is urgent that we receive as much resource as possible to create the foundations for our roots and to sustain some of our communities which are in dire need of resource, and we already have many devoted members of the collective human family who are willing to step up and take reign once the resources and land are acquired... These resources are planned on being distributed in "Sand-Box" packages of $300-$20,000 towards the resource development of communities and the projects of grassroots tribal members, meaning that each community will have the needed influences for the flourishing of fertile grounds for humanitarian works and environmental salvages.., the amount of documentation provided in conjunction with the practical efficiency and benevolent benefits of the project will determine the amount of the grant....

A Sand-Box grant is containing the majority of the resources needed for a community to develop, it means we give you the tools for the created, and you are the ones who construct it... this can include small acreage of land, sustainable building materials, and other malicious objects which can create living centers... it helps if the individuals involved are aligned with healing intentions and able to provide serves to the greater whole. We develop networks of sustainable communities and allow people to come and have healing experiences, which means your community is also having the possibility of serving as a healing center or a sanctuary for families looking for holistic living situations. We are in the works of establishing a solidified network of communities which can sustain itself outside of the internet or technological world through alliance and partnership.

This means any determined individual or community with a dream that is going to benefit the holistic realization of our species and the environment is going to receive the benefits of our labors through the uprising of consciousness and planetary healing, in some form or another, as when the earth heals, so does all of humanity... this project is rooted in a macro-cosmic perspective, which means we taken into account all of life's children, realizing there is no separation between anything in creation at the deepest layer. The communities who apply for "Sand-Box" grants will be gifted large quantities of resource, and be provided for in a manner that is holistically sustainable, which means all financial resource is invested STRICTLY within sustainable solutions rather than wasteful spending.

All of our members are volunteers, and do not require salary or monetary compensation. We have implemented a number of rules and regulations regarding the manners in which resources may be directed which involves the elimination of corporate investment, and the support of industries and charities which are benefiting the material world. We work exclusively with privatized investors who are genuinely interested in our cause, avoiding as much negative corporate influences as humanly possible. We are working on creating a free alliance of international internet nodes which will eventually allow us to move around the censorship of the digital world, and to go beyond the federal banking system, to combat the intricacies of the corporate take-over which occurred in this world over the past century, resulting in the subsequent destruction of most of our indigenous traditions and the desecration of the human spirit. It is urgent to understand that if we do not meet our initial investment criteria that our job is going to be significantly more difficult, although we are prepared to operate outside of the confines of the monetary limitation as we have been doing, and are prepared for economic collapse.

Holistic Healing Centers

We are currently working with a number of healers, shamans, and communities, which are already demonstrating sufficient establishment, meaning the community is having some number of members and already working together harmoniously towards a unified collective. There are at least 3 communities who are already having plans and procedures for land projects which will be able to provide holistic healing services and treatments for groups of individuals, including food, shelter, and specialized shamanic and healing training. This is including institutions for learning, which may be inclusive of meditation centers or schools designed for the benefit of children, or otherwise shamanic institutions. We are providing people with the resources for the fulfillment of their dreams which are holistically benevolent for the greater good of humanity and all terrestrial species on the planetary body.

Some large scale healing centers are requiring large scale investment in order to gain appropriate resources to begin financing the development of medicine centers, which will be facilitating the expansion of higher consciousness faculties in the form of shamanic therapy, group meditation, sustainability workshops, community building, orphanages, and perma-culture gardening with the possible interest of retreat centers for the preservation of spiritual lineages and knowledge upon direct choices made by the councils. Once we are receiving the initial investments, we will be gaining exponential financial resource as a method to bridge off the human dependence on the financial institutions, meaning our communities may become wholly sustainable, and form entire grids of light activation ascension.

We are working with Native American Elders, Holistic Shamanic Practicioners, Grassroots healers, Radical Revolutionaries, and other flourishing communities and conscious visionaries... These sustainable living centers may provide the foundations within our material world for the development of highly charged living centers and communities which are capable of transforming the terrestrial sphere of the entire planetary body over generations, eventually restoring the natural capacity of the human being into a state that is harmonized with both the natural world and the higher spheres of consciousness... Many of our tribal members are travelers, meaning we are scattered across the globe. We are channeling ancient bodies of wisdom from most spiritual lineages, and integrating these forms into a unified whole to provide accurate and evolved spiritual education to all beings, with emphasis on transmitting information and wisdom to the younger generations and children.

These centers will be able to provide genuine healing services outside of the context of western medicine and monetary influence through congruent holistic relationships with life and nature. We understand that an empowered community creates a unified field of awareness which allows for greater healing to occur, and that with a sufficiently strengthened energetic field, healing can occur with greater ease by osmosis. It is allowing us time and space to develop our consciousness accordingly, and to learn how to play and live together in a unified communal manner with a genuine open-hearted enthusiasm towards life. True healing is occurring through deep human relationships and established communion with nature, with the harmonious realization of our common ancestry and relation. If the appropriate facilities are being developed, we can have completely sustainable models for living situations which includes an abundance of sustainable food, energy, shelter, and resource for the development of further projects, which is acquired through the dedicated labors of community members when the sustainable resources are provided, such as wind-mills, structural materials, tipi canvases and poles, sand-bag building, permaculture gardens, temples, and other specialized interests... in the mean-time we are also financing projects which are leading to these developments and accelerating their production.

Our visionary council has developed long term plans for the integration of multiple communities into harmonious living situations which may share resources through established symbiotic relations through the implementation of nomadic traveling routes by invested individuals, which may take subsequent generations to restore the damages and harm caused by corporate and industrial impact on the environment and indigenous cultures, which has resulted in the subsequent destruction of most our natural world, and the forced exploitation and genocide of many cultures around the globe.

This is allowing us to come into a natural relationship with the harmonious influence of the earth's natural energetic field, which is bringing us into greater alignment with the intelligence of the gaian mind. So far our works have been relatively underground and our plans have demonstrated extreme advancement in community development in many areas through-out the world... we are going to witness extreme transformations in the planetary consciousness over a period of generations, which will result in the advancement and evolution of the human race as a species, however this is only coming from the choice of human individuals like us to act here and now in this time and age to begin preparing the fertile grounds for these seeds of consciousness to be planted, nurtured, and sustained. In the modern world we are facing insurmountable obstacles which are preventing us from allowing these seeds to grow without interference from technologies or corruption, yet even these forces are creating the catalysts for the greater transformations of consciousness to occur, in some form or another.

This means that when we are releasing our attachment to the false material nature of society, we begin to become more acutely aware of the subtle energetic fields around us, witnessing the fabrics of reality. Over periods of time, as we cultivate deeper sensitivities, or even in short time spans under the right conditions our species becomes more telepathic, and we start to gain greater insight into planetary matters and the holistic relationships of nature through our innate harmony with the unified whole of all being.

We already have people who are working and living within this capacity to varying degrees, and through our development of higher consciousness communities we have demonstrated that there is the innate capacity for these communities to become willfully telepathic through interpersonal relationships, shamanic ceremonies, spiritual practices, and earth based communion... eventually through established community functions, the individual self becomes absolved and unified into a greater body of creation, a greater organism, which transcend the individual nature of the ego or separation.... This means the community itself becomes a greater power, gaining strength from all members and beings, and begins to attain a natural energetic field which is able to transform reality... it is through a base heart connection that all beings are coming into a deeper space of intrinsic harmony.

We built many of these communities with barely any resource, unfortunately many of them fell apart due to the lack of investment or sufficient resources to migrate towards sustainable paradigms, as we realized the paradigm which contained the resources was infiltrated with corruption, and for this reason it was difficult to migrate, although we are still having a good deal of success due to the endurance bestowed upon us. Monetary investment is only one aspect, and the existing community structures and relationships are far more important in the sustenance of sustainable communities which are ecologically friendly. This organization is raising funds to create the sand-boxes for these communities to flourish without the interference from the modern corruption which has tainted the human spirit, we are cutting out the problem, which is the diseased cancer of corporate and economic influence, and perpetuating the solution to holistic healing. This means that when we cut off the blood flow of money circulation to corporations and corrupted banking systems we begin to see healing happening more naturally on a planetary scale.

We are giving birth to a new world, and the tools for our creations are forthcoming in this time of great change. Please give from your hearts and accept our plea to finance the cultivation of sustainable and shamanic consciousness through-out the entire planet. We need your resources to succeed. All donations will be funneled into a PayPal account until we find a better way.

We are happy to accept private donations outside of Paypal, just contact us please donate, our financial accounts are associated with our private investors and in this manner we are giving birth to new creation.

Continued at .....

Liberate Reality!

Start from Within ~

Contact + PayPal:

The collective ego of humanity is being used as a destructive force to eradicate nature and what is left of the true human spirit. The gate-way to enlightenment resides within the self, and as we offer up the limitations of the self the truth of nature will emerge from within the chaos of our civilization. The new dawn of humanity is emerging, the potential for enlightened communities exists. The greatest threat of this text is that you will read it and begin to think you know something, as I am only a fool laughing.

We must navigate the group mind into new spaces of consciousness which can sustain themselves outside of the current chaos, starting with the individual and then extending into greater unified communities. In this manner we can reshape the consciousness of the entire planet. It starts with the One. In due time, with proper dedication, we may begin to see the foundation of a new type of human emerging, as we already witness within the growth of the youth. We maintain the potential to create entire realities on a collective and global scale which transcend the suffering of what we currently exist in, provided enough people are willing to make the sacrifices required. The alternative is that everyone dies, which I have come to terms with, knowing that I can always go live in a cave in the woods and Transcend.

The shaman or the sorcerer maintains the capacity to alter consciousness at will in order to embody the creation that is necessary for the given moment. Through the surrender of the self-serving desires and dedication to the greater whole we release the limitations barring us from the experience of the infinite, as the alchemical process of death consumes what is no longer needed to give birth to greater creations of the soul. Shamanic awareness is now being transformed and integrated into the collective reality, as a last resort given that the collective awareness was manipulated into destroying nature and it’s authentic populations such as the indigenous tribes. (Some of which have decided to reincarnate on other planets because you are running out of water).

An initiate of the spirit or shaman removes one-self from the surrounding culture or tribe in order to align his or her consciousness with nature, attaining a deeper sense of freedom and liberation. Most of this wisdom has been lost because we kill indigenous tribes and replace them with corporate materialism and religious indoctrination so most authentic indigenous shamanic traditions are corrupted by religion and the new age these days.

True shamanic initiation and training includes a tremendous amount of rigorous sacrifice, ritual, and dedication over extended periods of time to release the awareness into a greater unified mind of nature and the cosmos where sight can be attained. During this time there are many who are going through initiation, preparing ground for the frame-work of an enlightened society, provided enough people demonstrate dedication and pure intent to transform. The solution is contained within community, we must come together as unified tribes or groups to transform consciousness, or all hope is lost for this world. The awakened beings are slowly being depleted and drained by the modern corruption, we have the game rigged. The spirit of life is leaving you to be born somewhere else.

An enlightened community has the capacity to collectively transform it’s consciousness through the demonstration and acquisition of inner-being, knowledge, and awareness. This comes in many different forms. By altering the consciousness of the group into a state which is both unified and existing outside of the corruption of society, we can create alternate realities which hold enough psychic and material space to ground to alter the entire frequency of human awareness. The idea is to shift the group mind from a state of egoic desire to unity with cosmic consciousness and nature, Most humans are too solidified in a pattern of corruption to even conceive of such possibilities.

Through our release of self-serving tendencies and the unification of community we can create larger unified organisms capable of transforming the entire consciousness of our planet, which will eventually reflect on the material plane. By creating Sacred Sanctuaries, we can bring this vision on to the material plane. I have visions and plans for enlightened communities and healing sanctuaries which have come to me through the ancient lineages I am in touch with. I am a wisdom-keeper for the younger generations.

A good shaman has absolved his consciousness into the greater force of the cosmos during initiation, attaining the capacity to free the awareness from the constraints and limitations of the human position within the assemblage point. One operating at this capacity is able to see through illusion, witnessing the soul on many layers of being. Words become unnecessary, as the awareness dwells within the silence of true being where change can be affected from the subtle reality simply through the tactful navigation of the awareness and successful application of pure intention, coming from ones innate harmony with the cosmos. By retracting the awareness into higher vibrational frequencies, extreme change can be instilled within the collective consciousness. Entire realities can be deconstructed and created by unifying the individual will with that of supreme consciousness.

The greater majority of the western mind confuses the shamanic title, or most any spiritual reality as a degree of self-importance to be adorned by the ego, anyone who is participating in the capitalist society for an ounce of self-serving intention is destroying what is left of our remaining spiritual lineages and nature, as the new age and western mind abused the ancient lineages and sold out to capitalism for cheap trinkets and material reality, as the remaining indigenous tribes are infected by the corporate monopoly, spiritual lineages sell out to the western ego which thrives off the systematic eradication of spirit and life.

Shaman is only a word to describe a role, eliminate the definitions and identifications of the self and expand into limitless freedom. All wisdom is contained innately inside of the self and by releasing our self-importance we come into a deeper humility of the cosmos.

Participation in capitalist society means you are killing the shamans who are maintaining connection to the authentic spirit of life, as these are the ones who are too humble to speak… the plants, the trees, the animals, these are the ones who remain silent in the midst of planetary genocide… You chose genocide.

By reducing our consumption patterns and coming into greater degrees of simplicity we are able to refine the self so that it may be absolved by the collective force of the cosmos, the greater self that dwells beyond all things material, the spirit which has unified with this material world. Thus the will of the self is focused internally to come into deeper self-awareness, humility, and wisdom which will eventually reflect in a greater capacity to effect the surrounding world.

The standard human form and the structure of consciousness are positions which are occupied through the intentional structuring of consciousness, which we call an assemblage point. The assemblage point can be tactfully navigated and transformed at will with proper development, technique, and understanding to inhabit alternate matrices of creation. This process is complemented by states of surrender, allowing the individual to access extremely high frequency states of being, initiating one into the cosmic self and freeing the consciousness from the prisons embedded by the limitation of the society which has been super-imposed upon the ego of most modern humans.

There are a myriad of different methodologies which can be used to restore the assemblage point to it’s natural form, freeing the awareness from the constraints and limitations of the surrounding culture, and ego, (which is important in western nations because the existing culture is largely toxic and volatile to the development of any living thing and now expanding into a semi-unified system which has destroyed the greater majority of the inhabited world and traditional culture). This liberation is a goal of most mystics and seekers.

Unfortunately most of the modern methodology is flawed and corrupted by human nature, making a truly authentic spiritual path a living joke for the modern seeker, given that he is asked to participate within its own destruction at every turn due to the corruption of the modern world… Seekers also find that the process of destruction and creation is contained innately within themselves and thus participating in such acts are only a reflection of what is occurring inside of the self at any given moment. The solution to modern corruption on one layer of being can be found in the creation and expression of communities with sacred intention.

Most humans are skillfully manipulated into a specific frequency within the assemblage point by outside forces, so the modern human contains a great deal of superficiality and corruption which is accumulated through the participation in sterile and destructive energetic patterns, which are being created in our material world through corporate warfare, fed by self-serving desire and malicious intention. These energies infect your energy centers, chakras, creating blockages which inhibit the natural flow of our life-force or chi. Health and harmony is created and maintained by restricting ones self from the artificial and synthetic qualities of life with food and action being most important.

There do exist shamanic, sorcery, and meditation techniques to transcend and transmute the negative qualities of these impurities to some degree, it is advisable to refrain from this need unless it serves a practical function for the attainment of ones life goals. Most of these techniques are the simple application of pure intention in conjunction with thought-forms or affirmations which can solidify a reality… requires advanced shamanic training, can be made simple.

The goal of such discipline is to return the self to the natural state of purity which existed on this planet before human corruption. An example of this can be found in our modern technology which radiates harmful frequencies to both the human and the surrounding nature, containing the potential to infect and clog the energy centers.

Thus the modern human has been deceived into becoming an expendable pawn to move energy towards the fulfillment of the planetary destruction. The corporation is an example of such a structure which manipulates the human for destructive purposes, encouraging excess desire and mass consumption at the expense of other life-forms. You get Candy for this. (yes, your corporate luxuries come from spilled blood)

The entire capitalist system is based on the foundation of systematic eradication of indigenous, nature, and living species, to benefit the sensual pleasure and self-serving intent of the modern human. The poison of society is responsible for the eradication of every living being on the face of this earth, and the corruption of our children. Embodying this understanding and adopting principals to resist this corruption will bring you into supreme unification with dedication. Simplified living being one of the primary gate-ways to relief and organic awakening, creating deeper harmonies with nature.

As we participate in the negative patterns an artificial structure is developed by accumulating energetic substance inside of our consciousness and our energy centers (chakras) which restricts us from accessing the true nature of the self, imprisoning our assemblage point in a particular matrix, which is confined by the energetic pattern of our society, containing a great deal of psychic matter given the amount of human awareness which has been invested into perpetuating it’s creation. The solution is to simplify your life-style and create deeper communities, to stop participating in corruption and exploiting nature. You are killing. We love you.

This pattern of corruption is instilled within the self from birth, beginning with subtle energetic influences and language, which causes a form of soul-loss or spirit fragmentation, which is a shamanic understanding of modern illness. Any great degree of trauma creates fragmentation in the spirit inhibiting the purity of the soul from radiating at it’s full capacity. We live in a culture which exists in a state of perpetual trauma in comparison to the purity of nature, meaning that most humans live and operate in a fragmented state of being as a by product of the corruption of our modern world and the soul’s karma. This can be immediately remedied through attaining and cultivating a true spiritual connection and going through the process of self-healing, or by rectifying our relationship with nature by coming into alignment with the natural world, meaning we only take what is needed from life to survive and do our work. Do both?

By creating separation from nature, the human soul is removed from the harmony of the natural world. When you exist in harmony with nature, healing becomes a natural process of the soul. The culture maintains a language and energetic frequency which harmonizes and absolves beings into promoting destructive patterns in many different forms. I’m giving you the low-down on sickness. Love is a good remedy for the mean-time. Love is also blinding, and you will let the world rot without acknowledging the issues. Complete transcendence means you die, escapism.

The chakra system is a good model to understand the energy body of the human being, where we can diagnose points of contamination contained within the various centers, each of which regulating specific functions of our life. A true seer can see directly into the heart of the issue without the need for external aid by accessing the spirit of being, being unlimited in his or her perception, guided by the heart of truth. Through dedicated self-observation the myriad of patterns which confine us in states of limitation can be observed, refined, and released as we come into a deeper understanding of what is needed to actualize our goals and attain deeper self-knowledge.

Dissolving the layers of separation from the limitless truth of being allows us to come into complete union with our cosmic consciousness, nature, and our true self. This means taking ourselves out of our selfish desire, and perhaps even outside of the context of the surrounding society in order to come to a deeper understanding.

You want to reverse the polarity of this programming so that the ego can become a tool of the infinite to achieve the dream you wish to manifest in this life-time rather than an unconscious pawn for forces outside of the self which perpetuate destructive cycles of creation, such as the corporations, the governments, the surrounding culture, and the conditioned superficiality which is being energetically reinforced through every human being who is ingrained in this pattern on some layer or another. The very mentality of excess consumption reinforces the destruction of nature. If we cannot reduce our lifestyles to one which reflects the simplicity and purity of nature, the true connection of spirit will be lost for a time on this plane. We have technology to create alternate realities on a collective scale where souls can be migrated, it’s a cheap trick we wish to with-hold because it means you get off easy.

The divine spark resides at the center of each and every individual… Accessing this place allows you to perform miracles. You can even shape shift into animals, among just about anything else you can conceive of with the imagination. As you transcend the artificial layers of the culture and the ego you begin to unlock the limitless freedom of the true self. As you dissolve the layers of what is no longer natural, the limitless being has room to emerge. There is no limitation here, the embodiment of the infinite is within, gazing into the silent emptiness of eternity; there is no one here.


I sat in the spirit of being
for months on end
I slept in the forests, deserts, and beaches
the streets and the ghettos
studied with the shamans and listened to the ancients

I eliminated the stories of who I had molded myself to be until I forgot who I was; only to remember a deeper truth, one which was ancient and beyond time, the radiance of being shining through the veils eternity.

I found self-realization in suffering
& suffering In desire for that which was fleeting
My body withered, yet my spirit grew stronger

I sat in the streets and gave free healing, purified my body and my mind, shared my food with the poor, and helped those in need. I lived without money or material possessions and aided in the development of communities as I traveled. I spent time in ceremony with the indigenous populations of the earth, Lakota, Mayan, Michika, Azteca, and I gave all I had to give to the spirits of life, as I learned from Shamans, Medicine people, Brujos, and Sorcerers who taught me magick and tradition of the old and the new. I most always traveled by land and without money.

I got sick many times, with the poison of this world, and most often I was able to cure it myself with energetic healing and communion with nature, at times I sought help from the shamans who gave me medicine or greater technique. Now I can cure most diseases without a need for money. I gave up healing all the time because I was taken for granted. For life I am grateful, every day, and in this I find solace. The joy of my day is that I have food to eat and a place to sleep.

I ate rotten tortilla crumbs off the streets in Mexico with dirt on my face and rips in my clothes. I slept in the parking lot outside the gas station after gang members tried to rob me in Santa Rosa. I had semi-automatics waved at my by military police. I walked all day on the road without water or food while thousands of cars passed me by. I asked for water from restaurants to be declined. I gave free healing all day only to have people, even spiritualists, stick up their nose because my clothes were ragged or because of my poverty. Silence could say more than words.

Finding comradeship with trees and plants, my fellow humans betrayed me whist I helped you, I helped you even as most of you looked at me with disdain, and judgement, at times refusing me food when I was hungry, and water when I thirsted, as many of you used me to inflate your self-importance or elevate your ego, to abuse the giving nature of life for self-serving intentions…. It is no wonder the spirit is dying. You are running out of water, and I am not afraid of death.

I held up the mirror, and as I found enlightened states of being society found me insane, seeing their own insanity for the truth of what it was, yet I was the one who could live amongst the trees without fear, and find peace in solitude…, as I did not need the constant reflection of the lies and poison of this world to hide from the truth of being & This is why you can no longer hear the ancients or the cries of the forest, as you are the ones who chose the dreaming death over life…

The heart of the sacred resides in the mother and the radiance of the infinite one.

Blessings of the most High

Love & Light

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