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 Post subject: Re: Healing Earth-Mother
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:36 am 

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Perhaps instead of thinking about healing Mother Earth, as others have already written above, we could drop our arrogance as humans for a minute and try to see how we heal our own selves and consequently our relationship/respect for all things?

Each and every person here who contributes to this forum has touched upon that foundational concept of respect and honour for all things and perhaps it is our duty to demonstrate this in our lives and help to encourage the profound spiritual connection in others. This doesn't mean force-feeding 'teachings' on others or self aggrandising and self referencing but trusting Spirit to place everyone where they need to be to gain from situations and others.

Reading novels about other people's inner experiences only go so far and often we are lead down their path, not our own. Is it not more appropriate to listen to each person as a unique individual, step back ourselves and trust their Spirits and self to provide just what they need to grow? All we need to do is support them on their own, beautiful and unique journey rather than pushing them to accept ours.

The more humans who are allowed and supported to find their own authentic way (not another culture's or tribe's way) to communion and respect for the Universe, the sooner the whole will heal. We are part of Mother Earth, part of the problem and part of the answer. Indivisible. When we heal ourselves, all else will follow.

 Post subject: Re: Healing Earth-Mother
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 3:40 pm 

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Six times in the past,a great flood covered the earth
and life on earth had to start all over, again.
All life forms on earth are endangered, now.
Many species have become extinct-
the result of human greed.
Live a simple life.Follow your heart.Treat all beings
with respect.That is how you can help mother earth.

The Sage. blog/

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