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 Post subject: Winkte In a Wasicu World By Georgie Jessup revisedby tiferet
 Post Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 6:06 am 

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"The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the

opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth."

Physicist Niels Bohr

I am winkte. Or should I say I identify with Native Americans of the

Lakota tribe's winkte tradition since I am not Lakota myself? The very

first time I read the word "winkte" was in John Fire Lame Deer's book,

Lame Deer Seeker of Visions, (as told to Richard Erdoes). According to

Lame Deer, "Winktes…dressed like women (or men), acted like women (or

men), and looked like women (or men). They did so by their own choice

or in fulfillment of a dream." Lame Deer went on, "…the Great Spirit

made them winktes and we accept them as such."

I think it is interesting to know, in light of this quote from John

Fire Lame Deer, that he said he was heyoka, or a sacred clown, and, at

one point in his own life, Lame Deer became a rodeo clown and named

his persona Alice Jitterbug. (Some clowns frighten me)

"…Not all can receive this saying, but only those to whom it is given.

For there are shamans who have been so from birth, and there are

shamans who have been made shamans by folk, and there are shamans who

have made themselves shamans for the sake of the Great Spirit. S/he

who is able to receive this, let them receive it." - Fertility Cult

I had followed Native American culture for a long time before reading

Lame Deer's book. There were many things about the various indigenous

cultures here in this land, called Turtle Island by Natives, that I

identified with. I would like to spend a few minutes talking about

various things in the Native American's culture that made sense to me

and things in our country's culture that don't make sense to me before

I go deeper into a discussion of the place of those who follow the

winkte's tradition.

For example, in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (by Dee Brown), one

observer said that he was amazed that Indians could spend days on end

doing nothing but relaxing, eating, and playing games. But then, when

the time came to break camp and travel, they could do so for days

without sleep or food.

"Sleep when you are tired! Eat when you are hungry! Enjoy this

wonderful life given to you by Creator! Hoka Hey, today is a good day

to die!"

That resonates with me! Of course, critics may say I have been simply

rebelling against the Roman-Christian American culture I found myself

growing up in, but those ideas struck a chord with me, and it rang

with truth! For my family, who grew up during the great depression,

hard work, sacrifice, and denying pleasure were a way of life. I have

found that people, who are considered "lazy" in this culture, judge

themselves by the standards created during the depression, and it

makes me sad to see that.

It makes me sad because then those individuals, who can't seem to get

ahead in this culture, often turn to abuse of drugs and alcohol or

other destructive behaviors instead of demanding respect and taking

pride in the fact that they are not motivated by greed and material


People come to this area from all over the world in search of the

"good life" and the great (so called) "American Dream." When you see

these individuals in the news, the news media always praises the

"freedom" here on Turtle Island. But freedom is subjective. The

freedom that the news media, politicians, and "successful" immigrants

are talking about is very different from what the traditional Native

American or just free spirited person calls freedom. In fact this

country's "freedom" was built hypocritically denying the various

indigenous nations and also peoples from far away theirs (In reality

this is not the true America where constitutional laws/rights are

broken even at the federal level every day, our freedom of speech,

spirituality, and right to honest truth are denied everyday still by

the so-called 'government' (really corrupt corporations spiralling in

their own insane vampiric idiocy, trying to draw us in, don't feed the

trolls) still the true Spirit of freedom works in mysterious ways

throughout, if mostly through the heroic efforts of our modern day

trickster figures, most of whom remain nameless, and sometimes,


The great native warrior, Tashunka Witko (Crazy Horse) said it

directly and truthfully: " How can you own the land upon which people


The freedom that the people in the United States of America talk about

is the freedom to be as greedy as you want to be. Exploitation of

Grandmother Earth is the party line here in the land of the free. They

hold to the Roman-Christian Empire's belief that humans are on a

higher level than the rest of creation and are much more important

than the rest of creation!Therefore they have a right to exploit the

rest of creation to satisfy their wants and desires.

So I find it odd that you can pull a plant from the ground, cure it,

roll it, and smoke it and you might go to jail (but most likely you'll

just get zonked and be healed). Certainly greed has caused more death

and destruction than smoking or eating the sacred herbs. In fact greed

is the motivation in the destructive drug business. Often those who do

their business in the drug market don't even use the drugs they deal,

including 'official' pharmaceutical companies.

It has always made me angry that in a world full of hungry and

homeless people you can be as greedy as you like without any

interference. In fact those who are considered "lower class" will

aspire to be just like you! The wealthy have become the role model for

everyone to work towards. But spiritual wealth is better, even now the

rich try to lower their own taxes while raising the taxes of everyone

else. What kind of sense does that make? Pay your taxes, pay what you

can, and lets get on with it, sacrifice the 50 foot jacuzzi w/ custom

imax screen floor to help those poorer, it will be okay. LOVING

KINDNESS! German Proverb; A poor person isn't he who has little, but

he who needs a lot.

I have learned that the struggle for power comes down to a "gain"

mentality verses a "be" mentality. I use the word "be" as in being; as

in living with the earth instead of against the earth. The "gain"

people see freedom in terms of material things you can hold, see, or

own. The "be" people see freedom on a spiritual level. There is more

to life than how much you can acquire or what you can own, and truly

we can own nothing and share everything! Certainly there are

well-intentioned "gain" people, but they need to impose their idea of

freedom on everyone else first and foremost. This "gain" mentality has

to rule over all other thought. They may try to be compassionate about

it, but the bottom line is you will submit one way or another. (These

are the new age, create your own reality people, who seem a bit like

robots, sure they have programmed every aspect of their life, and they

see results, but wheres the fun in that when you overdo it and allow

for no relaxed sway of emotion? There is a zen saying that there is

wisdom is the passage of the seasons. You lose the natural flow of

life, it just looks like you've hacked everything, though good to

practice in some amount, somehow this goes against tao when taken too


At least in fairly recent times, people with this "gain" mentality

have managed to suppress the "be" people wherever they met up with

them. The people at the top of the "gain" culture have kept the focus

off their greed by encouraging hate between the opposites. Black is

taught to hate white; right wing against left wing; man against woman;

and religion against religion as if one is more correct than the

other! There is even a division between those who are most active at

night and those who are most active during the day. "Day people" are

hard working God-fearing church-going people. "Night people" are

lustful sinners of course.But the truth is Everything is God/Goddess,

the slash is almost deceptive because they are one in every way, the

shadow, we must accept that we are in all that we behold, then we can

have empathy and begin to come to a point of harmony.

But in a sense the black is white, as the sidhe have known for long, also those who walk the path of tao, turn around and right

becomes left, as Ix-Chel Mayan Goddess of the Rainbow teaches. There

is a man in the woman and woman in the man this is the experience of

the winkte, or even a bisexual person, or transgender, arguably these

are different degrees of the same thing. As every mystic realizes the

most powerful time of a day is the dawn and the dusk. These are

something in-between. They are neither night nor day. It is a time of

balance, and it is sacred. Donnerlieschen Roesch (mystic) In a "gain"

world there is wide latitude of behavior on a material plane. You can

own everything and anything. The "gain" person sees non-material

issues with the same eyes that they see material things. Whatever they

observe they must know what color it is, how many are there, what can

I gain from it, and of course what sex is it. In the "be" cultures

there are wide latitudes, and individuals tend to observe their world

more on the spiritual plane.

(Can 'Ibogaine' Heal this? I Be Gain? Can it Heal AIDS at least?)

I believe you are what your vision tells you. Native people, gypsies,

hippies, and randomers may change names many times in life depending

on visions, dreams, and deeds. All of those changes were honored. They

were not based on physical evidence but based on one's spiritual

relation to the rest of creation and Creator. "Hundreds of women on

the movie screen. Not one of those women looks a thing like me…."

Georgie Jessup from Girl To Look Good Those observations lead me back

to the focus of my discussion of being a winkte. Being a winkte is not

a physical thing. Although I am sure that hermaphrodites were also

considered winkte and could offer physical evidence, with most winkte

their situation is a spiritual thing. It is a "feeling" that one

cannot really explain. The "gain" world calls us "transsexuals" or

"transvestites," and some claim we are simply "homosexual" There have

been many books from the gay community making exactly this claim.

However, homosexuality does not qualify you as a winkte. Homosexuality

is about whom you want to have sex with. Being winkte is a whole other

matter and frankly has very little to do with who you might have sex

with. There are many queer folk who may show feminine qualities and

who might show masculine qualities just as the same can be said of

heterosexual folk.

In the end, we am not angry at any heritage of nationality, we accept

the world as it is, in peace moment to moment, without hangups of a

conditioned past, we are all connected, we are all relations, so it

cannot really be said that it is Winkte against the Wasicu world, or

something like that,in fact sharing this tradition with other cultures

while respecting those cultures may yield some suprising parallels,

perhaps not from the official level but within the folk culture, just

as all people have a kind of shamanism. Native Americans are not the

only ones who have had these ideals, but many people have all over the

world, dreamed of this, that should be respected, though the rule of

monarchs has been a great enemy (remember in these cultures no

everyone within the empire is nessecarily a fan of the empire, how

many counter cultures and amazing things through history were lost to

us by regimes who destroyed the traces of them, or biased historians

who chose not to record that version which went against their belief?)

and the workings of the insane traditions of dishonesty and

oppression, but in this new age we are moving beyond that, things are

beginning to sprout virtue again, in a non linear and spontaneous way,

the rainbow family, including all beings, in manifest again, we can

get over making these divides and accept both are parts of life, its

good to gain, it can also be good to lose, because if you don't lose

what you can, you'll never really how wealth you are, by the things

that you cannot lose. The tao says seek not after respect, reputation,

or money, someone who seeks respect, can't be respected, while someone

who is indifferent, surely they must have virtue they are unswayed by

the judgements of others and follow thier own heart, and when you have

no money, or you don't focus your life on money, you realize the

infinite energy which is all around you all the time, in so many

forms,and you realize you are okay, you just are a lot less stressed.

So yeah.

In Africa they say 'it takes a village to raise a child' this is true,

so when learning of life, don't be afraid to mix traditions, they were

all falsely scattered anyways, follow your heart and go through them,

taste them all and see what resonates, intuitively you will probably

find a truer path, than any original preconception could have shown

you, and perhaps you can teach us all something, revive a vital

connection, unveil a mystery, think for yourself, all beings are one,

we are the dreamers of the dream, there are no boundaries, no

unsurmountable obstacles,

the wise know that true history is non linear, when we retell it in

the present it also has an effect on time representing a ripple! all

we have is now, constantly we are creating entirely new universes that

have always existed. all of them are rippling together in an infinite

sea, this is wytipodation

peace and love, rainbows, happy 2012, happy trails, i hope i haven't sent you too many notes.. yea have a nice life

warm blessins of heart TIFAERITH!

namo kuan shi yin bodhisattva!

 Post subject: Re: Winkte In a Wasicu World By Georgie Jessup revisedby tif
 Post Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 5:37 pm 

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Wow,you are deep! Winkte.You can have my love, if you want it- Oracledreamhealer

 Post subject: Re: Winkte In a Wasicu World By Georgie Jessup revisedby tif
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:33 pm 

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If you are not actually Lakota, the spirits of those people are not likely to take a shine to you.

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