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 Post subject: Whispering of the Wind
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 6:50 pm 

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Hello there,

I would like to introduce myself to this community, I have spent much of my time and practice in isolation, and while it has had its advantages it is time for that lone journey to end.

I suppose my story is not unusual, and as complicated as anyone's. I am of mixed decent, I am half Cree of a north western reserve, my family split and left me blinded in a mix of cultural angst.

The wind has always spoken to me, or rather I was lucky enough to hear it. As time went on, my mother's religious beliefs where pressured on to me, I was taught to ignore what I heard and saw. I took the communion and followed her faith for a time, but the wind was still speaking weakly. As I became a young teenager my tie to the earth grew, that draw over took everything I was taught.

By this time a woman who was not my mother, had begun to raise me. To her knowledge was important. There was nothing I could not talk to her about. She directed me to learn more about what I have experienced and heard, to actually listen. It was then the whispers manifested, my dreams where filled with the wind lifting and guiding me forward, the whispers became words and feeling.

With these changes, other things began to come forward, I began to feel energy, I began to see its workings between people. Certain animals began to cross my path more and more. Rabbits and Ravens became common. Wolves when I travelled further from home.
Deeper forest began to feel more open and welcoming. Despite the distances I went in the forest, I never lost ,you way even through night.

As years went on I sought teachers, none met my needs past core knowledge. I began to retreat to the woman who freed my soul, but much damage had been done by then, I sought out traditional teachers still yet determined to fill the hole that was about nineteen years of age, I had been privately study guide everything I could. I began deeper meditation and reached a basic understanding of spiritual travel.

At this point the journey truly began to separate me, I began to feel people's energy. I in essence knew their moral alignment. I could barely interact with a person and would know, this has never served me ill.. it was hard for me to make friends for my beliefs and this....I began to feel A"disturbances" with in people.

As twenty one years I found a teacher, who slowly taught me to hone my skills, teaching me the path closely, how ever it was at my father's mother's death, the most information had been imparted to me.

After meditating the day after her death her spirit visited me that night...finishing the final stages of my lessons....

with that I began my path in earnest...

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