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 Post subject: What does our future hold for us?
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:04 am 

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Back in the day when Shamans lived with there tribes. And part of what they did was to make sure that the tribe was safe and the land they were on was good for hunting, growing corn, water, and safe for all. I was wondering what the practicing Shamans here at the portal have any information on the world today. There is alot happening around all of us that is negative. Like the US and the debt the countrys in that affecting everyone one way or another. And the presidential election thats comeing up soon. People are losing there houses and jobs and were in a state of depression. This is just a couple of things that are happening. Any thoughts on this subject I'm sure will help people. The Shamans had no trouble guideing there people can we?

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 Post Posted: Fri Oct 31, 2008 12:40 am 

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When we were a tribal people we lived with the earth and had a working relationship and respect for it ,now we live in spite of it,there are more two leggeds now than have ever been in this place,so mostly thats all people see or care about, if that,Balance has to be attained,the world doesnt revolve around the Human race,no matter how much we would like it to.Sometimes wisdom is painfully attained through hard lessons,sometimes you just have to let the kid burn his fingers before he listens to what he's being told,Right now we're walking through a tunnel in a beautiful mountain,most just see the tunnel before them but some not many,can see the mountain.

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