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 Post Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 10:38 pm 

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If you work at all with stone medicines, some Native American Medicine Men and Shamans, in the past who have worked with weather and have a good rapport with stone medicines, have used in their rituals turquoise to help in rain making and in case the opposite proves the problem, moss agate for cloud busting.

P.S. Technically the term shaman is not gender specific, there is no such thing as a shawoman - the word shaman comes from the Tungus language.

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 Post Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:26 am 

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It seems that trying to blame someone is not contributing to learning or spreading our knowledge. I find that when someone expresses fear for someone else - it is their own fears that scare them.

We may as shamans inadvertently cause a reaction. But who really knows if it is good or bad?

I'll give you several personal examples. I communicated with the hurricanes that passed through Florida, out of concern for my own safety. I usually wanted to know whether to evacuate or put up the hurricane shutters.

The first time I tried, out of frustration since the weather stations could not predict it accurately, I saw the hurricane (it looked like the Michelin tire man, but made out of water) stomping towards me. It walked across the ocean and then took her fist and slammed it down on the shore. Then she took her other fist and slammed it again on the shore. The land shook each time. This vision was shown to me three times, like a movie playing over and over.

When I got up from this vision, I told my husband to pack our spam. I told him not only were we going to get hit hard, but we were going to get two hurricanes, one after the other.

We did get hit hard in SW Florida with Hurricane Frances, with some people having no electricity for up to 1-2 months and schools and businesses shut down for over two weeks. Three weeks later, Hurricane Jeanne hit within a one mile radius of Frances.

I didn't interfere, I simply used the knowledge for my own safety. However, as I mentioned earlier, we can sometime interfere without trying. In October 2007, there was a tropical storm/hurricane that was headed towards south Florida. Since they usually intensify when they hit the warm Gulf waters, I was concerned. A tropical storm can easily turn into a level 3 hurricane within hours.

So I journeyed to talk with Hurricane Noel. This one was different. It was dark for a long time before he tuned into me. But once tuned in he seemed happy. I greeted him, and asked if he could tell me where is was headed so I could know if I should leave. He asked why would I leave? I told him, that so far he had caused a lot of damage and even deaths in Haiti and Cuba and that I didn't want to die.

He asked how he caused the deaths. I told him we are easily damaged and that the wind force and rains caused buildings and objects to strike people and killed them. He seemed concerned. He said he was lonely and just wanted to be near us. Then our connection was abruptly cut off.

The next morning, I checked the Weather Channel and was shocked to see that Hurricane Noel had abruptly turned straight right out into the Atlantic where he intensified into his magnificent self - safely away from people. For a visual on this, please visit I took this as good thing, but who knows really.

Blessed journeys,
Elizabeth Herrera

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 Post Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 5:50 am 

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My name is Ken, Australian, I am a newbie: And as I move thru many postings I know I can share many things : So wonderful: So many dream-time journeys I move through; In dream journeys I have many of these encounters of things I do.....From since I was a child I have had many things I have experienced into journey's...I have spoken to Aboriginal Elders: If they know of a being in legend that brings swirling clouds winds and massive lightening: As I have Dream-time journey at this place I grew up in: In dream I am older..I am in robe: I hold my arms up towards the night sky and I begin sending my voice towards the sky which echoes and increases: Then Winds come: Swirling clouds: and masses lightening....Which this has happened many times: But one early morning I awoke after creating winds swirling clouds and lightening: I feel inside at 5am to go out to the lounge room and turn the TV on: The news just started: Now is this a co-incidence
A football game was stopped and evacuations by players and spectators last night as a massive wind came and an unusual storm and lightening hitting the stadium: The news reporter said that it was the weirdest weather ever seen: The co-incidence here is: The Stadium is just few miles away from where I do these things: Then there is another: I am robe: I am hovering above an old wooden ship which I have seen many times in dream-time: I am hovering above a wooden ship: I see 3 demon type beings with horns and hoofs: I place a cage ORB around one: Then I create a swirling vortex in the ocean where I send this caged being down: He screams and cannot touch the cage as he is suspended in center: The other 2 follow him down as I watch them move down inside the vortex:
I created: I feel the winds and spray of the water inside the vortex as I watch the 3 going further down: I then move in side wall of the vortex which I enter into a room..I feel I know:
I have spoken to Aboriginal Elder one woman calls me the thunder one: She lives in Northern Territory: Things I do there in dream also
Now I feel I can do this: when I send out my voice and I can increase it: Though I feel inside not yet? But how I know I can do these things I have been shown other things in dream-time as others I meet say...You already know how to do things: Then they show things me such as healing in many levels:

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