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 Post subject: Uninvited guests
 Post Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:16 am 

Joined: Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:29 am
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Just wondering if any of you have any stories about any uninvited spiritual guests in your homes? I suppose i should share one to get the ball rolling but where to begin? I've noticed a few things over my 17 years in this house and property, mainly just little things like stuff getting knocked over.

I suppose the most recent would be something that came in through my bedroom window and held me down when i was in bed, I know i wasn't asleep because it made a point of waking me up. After i was awake it got into my mind and started poking around looking for something, i have no idea what or why but at one point i knew some of what it knew and it knew some of what i knew.

My memory could be altered from what actually happened due to the change in perception. However i think it tried to get in through my door but couldn't for some reason like it was afraid of something. I have plants around my front door along with a charm hanging down over it, those are the only two things that make sense to me but that doesn't mean it was either of those.

Once it got in and started poking around my servitor caught onto what was happening and started to help get it off me, i'd consulted someone earlier that day because i was speaking to a woman who'd told me that they had a malevolent spirit following and cutting them so i thought i'd see if i could help her out with my limited knowledge and the advice of someone more experienced. Apparently she felt it leave, i don't know if she was having me on or anything like that but claimed that it had been following her for 7 or 8 years. Haven't heard from them since.

After the one that attacked me was forced out i can't say it's been back although there have been a few strange things happen... I'm hearing footsteps in the dead of night every now and again, i'm beginning to hear whispers and about a month or two ago my couch hissed at a friend of mine which actually caused me to laugh manically.

It was just so funny it sounded like a lizard but the thought some spirit or whatever (assuming that was the cause) would go to such petty lengths to try and scare us i find pathetic. He wasn't so sure it was funny he was more like "WTF was that?"

Anyway sorry for the rambling i wasn't intending the post to be that long, i'd be happy to hear your stories if you have them

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 Post Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:03 pm 

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In my work with entities whom are crossing/have just crossed, I often have entities with me; but I have to say that I am aware of them immediately, and the communication between us is very clear - I know what I am being asked to do for and with them.

This sounds more like a "haunting" to me. The entity may have been "pissed off" that you were instrumental is chasing it away from your client. The entity may have taken a back seat, so to speak...being more subtle, but it is probably still around. I would see about a house cleansing, if I were you.


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 Post Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 11:54 pm 

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My strongest familiar is a nightmare, and as awkward as that was starting out, it doesn't sound as unfamiliar as what you describe. So if I may conclude, I believe it may be trying to communicate positively by slight interactions. I say because it doesn't seem to be hurting or attacking that it is merely wanting attention. And I say why not? I am not a 100% wholesome so I've got a couple curses under my belt, but you could just get rid of it old school with some water or just a couple inscents.

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