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 Post subject: Understanding an Owl in my home
 Post Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 5:59 pm 

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Hello, I am new here. I recently had a very bizarre encounter that had a profound effect on me and I need some help understanding it more.

Just 2 days ago, I heard some noise in my front hall that I attributed to my cats playing. When I came into the hall about an hour later, there was a barred owl laying dead by my front door. It must have flown in an open window in the next room and tried to get out through the (solid) window of the front door. (Far too large for the cats to bring in, plus they're too chicken.) I don't do well with dead things so I went outside to await a friend that I called to help me move it. It was a bright, sunny day and after burying the owl, I sat down on my back steps in the sun and was absolutely rooted there for about 7 hours. The only time I went inside was once to use the bathroom and discovered that I had started menstruating 5 days early (i'm never early).

I called a friend to discuss this with her and while on the phone, I received a RUSH of loving energy straight into my heart that was so intense I began to cry, not out of sadness but from joy. I felt more loved than I ever had before in my life. All I could do was sit there in the sun. Until a voice told me to call my father, with whom I have not spoke in 4 and a half years. I suddenly completely forgave him for everything he'd done to hurt me.

Then, all of yesterday, I had a bulging energy that was stuck in my wrists, predominantly my left wrist. This lasted until late at night when my internal energy felt like it was bouncing around like pinballs and I was told by the same friend that this is just the energy of things I need to release. So i said, out loud, FINE! TAKE IT! I DON'T WANT IT!, and I fell back on my couch, arms out, when a cool feeling swept from my core outward. I cried and cried until I was completely spent.

I'm gathering some information about these experiences but I was wondering if anyone had any insight. Questions/clarifications welcome.

Thanks so much!!

 Post subject: Re: Understanding an Owl in my home
 Post Posted: Fri May 11, 2012 1:54 am 

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Well, I can't say exactly what the event ment because that's personal to you. However, i can give you some background into the meaning of owls. They were creatures that can cross the veil between worlds. They are messengers of the Gods and the dead. They have great wisdom and will share it to those who study the ways of magik. They are the animal totem of Athena the wise warior Goddess. Some cultures see them as messengers of upcoming death, which could be good or bad depending on what's going on. Also, the Little Folk ride on them so if weird things start happening, you may have a stranded Wee Folk Owl Rider in your house. Not particularly harmful, more annoying, as they try to figure out how to get out. Just something to watch out for. An owl call is usually trying to get you to pay attention the the more spiritual side of things. For example, harboring bad thoughts about your father is something that is harmful to your spiritual development. The only thing I'd add is that you should burn some incense around the house and over the owl's grave to send it's Spirit off to the Next World with respect. Burning a small candle at the grave is a nice show of respect too.

Hope you find this helpful since no one else wants to chime in on their thoughts.

Water Dragon

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