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 Post subject: Tools of Shamanic Practice
 Post Posted: Sun May 02, 2010 9:31 pm 

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I was wondering what your preferred tools are for your shamanic practice. Whether they be for healing or for communication with your helping spirits and your guardian, which are those that you use? I personally depend on a few items or power objects that I feel drawn to. I use a rattlestaff made of a regular mid-sized staff ornamented with goat nails so that it produces a very deep and monotonous sound when shaken. I use it primarily to talk to weather spirits, the Tlaloques, and to communicate with the spirits of the underworld. Always with me when I work is a spray bottle with a mix of holy water, seven herb spiritual water, and agua de florida which keeps the evil spirits away when you're trying to cleanse a home.

I also use the standard frame drum and maraca (rattle) to call the spirits to my doorstep. Sage and copal are also a must. I use a feather to work with its smoke. Also, I use a lot statues of catholic and other folk saints such as an idol of Saint Simon Peter, Maximon, and I also use a wolf figurine to invoke my guardian spirit, which I place on my prenda, which is an altar infused with nature spirits and the spirits of the dead. Natural materials I use are sea water to take ritual baths (with baking soda) as well as beach sand to spit intrusions into from a shamanic extraction. Holy water and seven herb spiritual water are also something I use frequently. And you can't forget the quartz crystals for auric cleansing.

What tools do you use?


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