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 Post subject: The Way of the Revolutionary Nahualli
 Post Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 12:10 pm 

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On December 21, 2012, there will be big changes in the world. The veils of reality will be lifted and universal enlightenment will reign. But this will come about only if we come together to work out our ills in time for the coming of the New Sun. In this age of environmental crisis, war, starvation, and spiritual decay, there is much need for a new magickal solution. In order to bring about change in this new era, there must be people in the world that understand the nature of the universal life force and its secrets, in order to help the world progress to this new age with little difficulty. It is up to the shaman to be a mediator between the community and the spirit world, for only the shaman knows the extraterrestrial planes of existence, and only he can walk between the world of the tonalli and the nahualli. The Aztec way of magick is more relevant today then it has ever been. I have been asked by my elders in the spirit world and by the Aztec gods to create this message board in order to help spread the sacred knowledge that has been largely lost to the bloody cries and memories of the ancient indigenous people of Mexico.

I have set out the create a magickal order of a distinct and new type. We gather inspiration from all the shamanic traditions of the world, and we accept other shaman's influence in the spiritual and material world. But they are not our adversaries. All traditional shamanic cultures have a special place in this mysterious world. This magickal order will be a training ground for anyone interested in the ways of the revolutionary nahualli. I call it Guardia Roja de Aztlan because red is the color that the ancient aztec books were written in. It is symbol that binds us by blood to the aztec powers. And the word Aztlan represents our ancestral homeland from which the ancient Mexica sprang and roamed through the desert until they arrived at Tenochtitlan, where the eagle stood on a cactus devouring a serpent. It was an omen interpreted by the ancient shamans that meant the Mexica had found a new homeland. But the spiritual memory of Aztlan stills lives on. It still resides there, in the spirit world, guiding the evolution of the Mexica people from afar and always protected by Huitzilopochtli from the heavens.

Special nahuallis are given the special gift from their patron gods to magickally transport themselves to specific regions of the spirit world. Whether through shamanic journeying or through dream, we are carried to this regions and given information relevant to our daily and spiritual lives. An aztec shaman can astral travel to either the upper-world of the thirteen heavens or the nine underworlds. In the thirteen heavens, you can gain insights into the secrets of creation for it is their that you may meet the gods and plead to them your ills and troubles so that they may help you on the road of your life. It is here that we may find our helping spirits and human form so that they may help us by divining information, tell us of future events, and help us attain the sacred knowledge of the aztec cosmovision. The revolutionary nahualli must be of strong will and character in order to accomplish his first mission. He can be an instrument of his community to communicate with higher powers to safeguard the well being of their people and send messages and prayers to the aztec powers.

Only the nahualli is capable of undertaking this task. For it is only he that possesses the spiritual fortitude and skill to travels to these vast regions beyond time and space without inviting death or insanity. It is the first step in the initiation of the shaman to travels these world and gain mastery of it. It is said that it only takes one time in these special places in ones life to gain spiritual enlightenment and the power necessary to tackle the obstacles of daily existence. The next mission in the life of the nahualli is taking a journey to the nine underworld, all the way to the region of the dead. You must first go to through all of the successive heavens, one by one, until you come face to face with the supreme ruler of the universe. You then pray to him and ask him for permission to go to the aztec underworld. It is here where, once completed, the shaman faces first experience dismemberment, where he is cut to pieces by the spirits and then is reborn with a new body and new eyes so that he could see spirit in the material world. I will attempt to write guides to these places according to my own experience with them in due time. But until then, all I must say is that to stare death in the face and then make it your ally is what makes a nahualli a fearless warrior in the world of tonalli.

In the underworld, there are two particular regions which are of interest to the nahualli. The first is Tlalocan. This is the paradise reigned over by Tlaloc, god of rain and thunder, and Chalchiutlicue, goddess of water. Here, we will find vast cities, lakes, and rivers, guarded by Tlaloc's assistants, the Tlaloque. They are the ones that bring about rains, storms, famines, and droughts. They are masters at weather working and can influence human affairs in many ways. You can invoke them once you make them spirit helpers, but before then, you must face many trials. You must come face to face with Tlaloc, and much feared and revered god of ancient aztec times. In Tlalocan, the shaman may gain information about hunting game, current weather conditions, and influence the weather by transporting themselves there in their dreams. The entry into Tlalocan is a whirlpool into which the nahualli throws himself only to later find himself in Tlalocan.

Another region of interest is Mictlan, land of the dead. To get to Mictlan, you must first find an entry into the earth, usually through shamanic journeying to the world tree. Climb down the roots of the world tree until you find yourself facing the god Xolotl in the form of a black down. You cannot take your allies or your talismans with you to the region of the dead. You can only take water, a dog, and gifts for Mictlantecuhltli, the guardian of the underworld. You must complete nine trials to go into Mictlan which for the deceased, when they are trying to find eternal peace, usually last for four years. The various applications of going into Mictlan are endless. You could become a psychopomp and guide the spirits of the dead the their humble resting place, or you could engage in necromancy and bring back the spirits of the dead and particular spirits like the Cihuateteo, which I will deal with in a later thread.

The instant we enter this world, that is, when the supreme dual-creator god Ometeotl looks down to earth from his thrown in Omeyocan and decides to bring you forth from the substance of the universe, you are given life. Not only this--you are endowed by the Creator with a predetermined fate. This has been captured in aztec culture by the creation of the sacred Tonalpouhalli calendar. This predetermined fate is determined by the day of our birth, which transmits to the offspring what is known as tonalli or life force. The world of the tonalli is the mundane world, the place of everyday occurences and material existence. The aztec calendar not only determines our destiny, but also the face or shadow one assumes in the world of matter. This face determines our personality, our propensities, our gifts, our flaws as individuals, but most importantly, our powers. Everybody has powers that are either known or unknown to them during the course of their life. But to understand this power by way of the tonalli is the first glimpse at the world of the nahualli.

The nahualli is many things, but the most tangible of these are: your spiritual twin or guardian spirit given to you by the universe in order to guide and help you throughout your life. It assumes the shape of an animal and often times comes to you in a vision or dream when you are young. Shamans go on vision quests to find their nahualli, usually as part of their shamanic initiation. Another defition of the term nahualli is that of a shaman or sorcerer reputed to be able to shapeshift into their nahualli in a shamanic journey or dreams. For this to become possible, the nahualli must first have total certainty of what his nahualli is, and then achieve total mastery over it as time goes by. As a concept of the universe, the nahualli represents the unknown forces of the planet, the spirit world, and that which is intangible. It is a symbol of magick and the occult. To tap into our inherent tonalli powers given to us by our day-signs in the sacred calender can lead to us, through intensive training and discipline, and through the techniques of solitude and meditation, to harness the power of nahualli.

A nahualli is best gifted as one who transforms into animals during the night, in his sleep. Through this technique, the nahualli is given the supernatural attributes of whichever animal he possesses. He can have the wisdom of the horned own, the nose of of wolf, the grace of a hummingbird, or the strength and speed of a jaguar. The revolutionary nahualli has the magickal ability to capture power animals or nahuallis at will so that he may have a team of powerful spirit helpers at his disposal to accomplish certain shamanic task. He can visit others in their dreams, travel into even vaster regions of the upper and lower worlds, come to understand the true nature of their nahualli and have a special connection to animal wisdom and medicine.

In order to become a nahualli, you must find your day-sign or nawal from the day of your birth. To do this, you need an almanac with the information about the pertinent cycles of calendar correlated to the gregorian calendar. Special days on which nahuallis are born and that are much feared are 1-Quiahuiltl and 1-Ehecatl. These are days when the veils of the spirit world are thin and we are better able to enter into its glorious splendor. But even if you were not born on these days, you can still become a nahualli. You need to find the patron god of the thirteen day week on which you were born and the patron god of the your tonalli. The patron god of my trecena is Chalchiutotlin, and of my day Tonatiuh. This is why I am by birth a Chalchiutotolin Nahualli. I was born on the day 11-Quiahuitl, so I could still be a very good nahualli. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses according to our nawal, but some of us are endowed with what is known as by the Ajqij of Guatemala as "body lighting." This lighting in the blood gives the shaman a special ability to receive messages from the spirit world and become sensitive medium for the spirit of the nahualli. There are specific days in the calendar on which one is born with coyopa. This will be dealt with at a later time.

In order to make this magickal order a success, we need dedicated magicians and shamans to train here in order to better serve the world and the aztec gods. With the knowledge of the sacred calendar, with the techniques of ecstacy and mastery of spirits, we will embark on a perilous journey, one which entails much suffering, but in the end, once we attain our spiritual rebirth and awakening, we will be ready to be reintegrated into the world as healing shamans. We will integrate many shamanic traditions in our practice, but we will not stray far from our new shamanic lineage. With much training, hard work, and dedication, there is no telling what we could do. We could change the world in the name of the new era and create a cultural revolution of a shamanistic character. We will be the soldiers and spiritual warriors of the Great Spirit, using only our wits and our souls as weapons to ward off evil from this earth and help those who have requested our aid.

The road is uncertain, but we will find our way. I in no way, shape, or form suggest that I am a traditional nahualli. But in the name of my aztec blood, and in the name of my ancestors, I proclaim this board Guardia Roja de Aztlan. In the name of Huitzolopochtli, in the name of the plumed serpent, the name of the jeweled-fowl, let us take control of our predetermined calendar fate, for only by mingling with the gods can we achieve immortality in this world and change our destiny. I can only show you the way, but you must walk the path. May the gods protect and bless you. May Chiconahui protect your household. May Yocatecuhtli give you much work. And may Quetzalcoatl bring you knowledge, wisdom, and culture!

Yours in the struggle,

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 Post Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:26 pm 

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Don't overestimate this 2012-thing. Be a bit more critical.


Apu Kuntur

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There are also scientists, anthropologics who doubt the whole interpretations of calender to be false due lack of knowledge of era. So, that the end of calander would not be 2012, but few hundred years earlier or to come...

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 Post Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:57 pm 

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I would expect this to be a process instead of a sudden (violent) event. Instead of going to bed that night as if nothing is about to happen and then suddenly having the veils lifted and enlightenment forced into my awareness, I don't see that.

I also see it as an ongoing process. Like gravity, we have been under the influence of this effect for some time now, and will continue under its influence until it is time to move into the next Phase, or Katun. (provided it has not already come and past or lies some distance in the future yet.) Then the influence will wane as the other waxes.

just my thoughts on it.

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