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 Post subject: The Thirteen Heavens of the Aztec Upper-World
 Post Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:52 pm 

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Ometoetol occupies Omeyocan, the highest of the Aztecs' thirteen heavens, and the four heavens immediately below Omeyocan are a mystery about which no one knows very much. Below the five highest heavens is a region of strife and tempest, where Ometeotl breaks into his many facets or aspects.

Much has been written about the Upper-world in shamanic literature, but very little is known about the Aztec upper-world. When one thinks about the celestial realms, what comes to mind are ascended beings, spirit helpers in human form, evolved ancestors, and even birds. It is suppose to be a place of crystal cities and kingdoms from which we can gain a new perspective on life when we journey to them.

What I have set out to do is to travel up the Aztec Upper-world from beginning to end, which will climax with a meeting with Ometeotl, the dual-creator god and supreme master of the Aztec universe. I'm actually quite scared of taking on this task. The purpose of my journey is purely exploratory, but I hope to make some allies along the way. I have been down the region of the Aztec underworld and let me tell you will all honesty, it is a very scary place. But I hope this new voyage will be different and enlightening in its own way.

I have noticed many parallels between my own practice and that of Siberian shamans, who have a dualistic mythology based on black and white shamans. Black and white here does not designate good or evil, but to what powers you are aligned and called to. Either to subterranean descent or celestial ascent. In Siberian mythology, there are black khans or gods, and white khans. The white khans are supposed to be more detached from the human world whereas the black khans like to either interfere or help in our daily affairs, depending on their mood.

The Siberian white shaman has a ceremony where he journeys up to the upper-world on different flying animals, particularly a goose. He does this to take a sacrifice to the supreme god. At different levels, he switches animals then continues on until he finally arrives at Bai Ulgan's castle. Bai Ulgan gets mad at this but the shaman tells him his name and his purpose and offers him a drink. The shaman seduces the god through drink, like the trickster that he is. Then Bai Ulgan becomes jovial and joyous and gives him his blessing, tells him about weather and game conditions. and the shaman makes his way back.

This is very similar to my own proposed practice. But according to Aztec myth, there are particular animals that must be used or allied with on your journey to the upper-world. I will give you a list of these animals and their correspondences later. Each level has as its supreme ruler or guardian a particular Aztec god or power. Each god has his own specialty or attributes by which he acts on as nature god, however detached, on earth. Following is a list of the gods, their attributes, and their associated bird.

1. Xiuhtecuhtli, fire god, white hummingbird
2. Tlaltecuhtli, lord of earth, green hummingbird
3. Chalchiutlicue, water goddess, falcon
4. Tonatiuh, sun god, quail
5. Tlazolteotl, earth mother, eagle
6. Teoyaomiqui, warrior-death god, screech owl
7. Xochipilli, flower prince, butterfly
8. Tlaloc, rain god, striped eagle
9. Quetzalcoatl, god of learning, turkey cock
10. Tezcatlipoca, great god, horned owl
11. Mictlantecuhtli, death god, guacamaya
12. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, lord of the house of the dawn, quetzal
13. Ometecuhtli, dual-creator god, parrot

Let me just advise you, though, that traditional Aztec shamans or nahuallis never shamanic journeyed. They would have visions through traditional drumming, dance, and hallucinogenic drugs. You may either ride on these winged spirit helpers above, or make them your allies or preferably shapeshift into them. Imagine being thirteen different flying animals in one journey. Seems like a dream to me. There are other attributes, like the time of day these gods are present and their correspondences with the Aztec sacred calendar in the tonalamatl, or book of days.

In the near future, I will post about my travels to the thirteen heavens and maybe i'll be able to extend this short guide so that other people interested in such journeys might find some help and inspiration. I hope this post serves as a primer to anyone interested in attaining Aztec wisdom. May the gods be with you always.

Yours in the struggle,

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 Post Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:06 pm 

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Here's a relevant quote:

The Aztecs believed in a heaven and an underworld. There were thirteen levels of heaven and nine of the underworld. There were also four horizontal points which corresponded to the directions of the compass and were associated with the four creator gods. All beings were assigned to one of these four points, depending on the day one was born. The earth was believed to be a large disc surrounded by water at the point where the horizontal and vertical met. The Lord and Lady of Duality, mentioned earlier also were the rulers of this central point (Bray 1968: 155).

The Aztecs believed that where you went after death depended upon what you did on earth and how you died. The eastern paradise, the “house of the sun” was the home of the souls of warrior who were killed in combat. This also included the souls of enemy warriors who had a special “god of the enemy dead.” Sacrificed victims went there also. It was believed that souls stayed in the eastern paradise for four years, and then they returned to earth as hummingbirds or other exotic birds.

The western paradise, the house of corn, was believed to be for women who died in childbirth. They also returned to earth as phantoms of bad omens. The paradise of Tlaloc, the southern paradise was for people who died of lightening, leprosy or other sickness. This was a place of plentiful food.

The paradise of the north was for the rest of the dead. It was called Mictlan (MEEK tlahn) and getting there involved going through nine trials and took four years to accomplish.

The Aztec accounts of the trials a soul must go through to get to Mictlan are as follows:

1) cross a deep river—dogs were buried with their dead owners to guide them on this journey.
2) pass between two mountains which were joined together
3) climb an obsidian mountain
4) pass through icy wind that cut like a knife
5) pass through a place where flags waved
6) be pierced by arrows
7) pass among wild beasts which ate human hearts
8) pass over a narrow path of stone
9) reach this level where the soul found rest.

In order to make this trip, people were buried in a squatting position with items to help them on the way. These included water, the dog (tawny in color) mentioned at the first level of hell, a jade bead to act as the dead’s heart at the seventh hell and other personal objects to give to Mictlantecuhtli (meek tlahn tay COO flee), god of the dead, or Mictecacihuatl (meek tay kah SEE wahtl), mistress of the underworld, when they got to the ninth region.

There were thirteen heavens. Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl, the creator gods, lived in the double twelfth and thirteenth heavens. It was believed that the souls of babies went there was well as the souls of men waiting to be reincarnated upon the destruction of the human race (Caso 1958: 64).

from ... .03.x.html

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 Post Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:54 pm 

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I have come to a point in my life where I have to make some changes. I will embark on an epic journey into the unknown, into the thirteen heavens and the nine underworlds. Whether I will wake up from this dream is uncertain and up to fate, but I will try. I will venture there in order to plead to the dual-creator god to help me become a shaman so that I could heal the sick and prophecy the future, so that I could control the weather. I will learn many things on this journey, I will make Cipactonal, the first man and the first diviner/sorcerer, to do a divination for me before I go on my journey so that I may know of any omen for things to come. He will be my spirit guide in the celestial realm but I will make many allies along the way.

I will do a ritual on 1-Muluc, the trecena of my birth and ruled over by Chalchiutotolin, so that I will have a peaceful journey and have many blessings on my journey. And then I will set off for thirteen days of fasting, doing a journey to every consecutive heaven, one day at a time. When my first journey is complete, I will place a flag near the entry to the next heaven where I left off. I will do this for every heaven until I reach the last. I will take my medicine bundle and my neck talismans and pray before my altar. I will show my spirit bomb fetish to every being I encounter and ask that they give it some of their soul or spirit essence. I will do the same for the aztec gods.

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