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 Post subject: the next step
 Post Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 3:52 am 

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Hello everybody! I am at a seemingly momentous crossroads on my path, and i am looking for some guidance. if anyone would be so kind as to offer a little advice i'd be very thankful.
It has been little more than a year since i have definitively awoken to spirit. Having no foreknowledge about the type of experience i found myself going through, i found myself alternately confused and elated, figuring out things by myself and reading a lot about spirituality and shamanism as i went along, following some strange and strong intuitions and ignoring others to apparent positive or negative consequence. I wasn't sure how to interpret signs i was shown, in fact, wasn't sure after awhile if i was seeing signs at all. For the last few months though, this confusion has given way to more clarity. I have had strong visions showing me that i should go off by myself, far away from people, to do what needs to be done and see what needs to be seen. i know i need to cleanse myself of certain things as part of this next step. other than that i am unsure of the right way to go about this.

the last few times that i went into trance, I saw where i could go if i just let go. i felt at the time sure that i couldn't let it happen at those moments. i felt that a lot would be unleashed, that it might become a public problem (i wasn't in the best places to have this sort of experience). I am having what seem like the most vivid and important dreams of my life. they tell me that i am at a certain cusp and that sacrifices must be made. I'm unsure what to do though! do i seek out a shaman? do my own thing? Bring someone along with me to the desert? I feel i will come into a more direct confrontation with this 'other' i keep confronting, and i'm not sure what i should or should not expect or what to make of this situation. Does anyone have experience with this sort of thingh? i'm not sure if i should set aside a day, week, or a month or two.. whether to ingest plants or fast or just be.. if i might lose my mind for awhile and need watching or what..


 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:16 am 

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oh boy - - -

well, you certainly can do any of those things ( out a shaman; do my own thing; bring someone along; ingest plants, fast...) but I would do a combination of them.

If you know of or can travel to a shaman you respect, that would be wonderful. In these beginning phases, it's always good to have someone who can help interpret what you are being shown.

And part of what you need to go through must be done alone. This is YOUR journey, YOUR path. You have to step onto it and follow your heart and spirit. And this is the time your Guides and Spirits will come to help you, show you, teach you what is necessary for YOU to come to your full potential.

And in this aspect, you are never really alone. I wouldn't bring someone not open to shamanic ways - they could become really freaked over what you will go through. Of course, you may also, but hey - this is YOUR journey to survive - or not.

I'm not so certain about ingesting plants right now. That is some powerful medicine, and doing it without proper preparation or guidance is a bad bad bad idea. And I definitely would not do it without the experience of a practicing shaman in attendance. You really don't want to open your self up to Who-Knows-What-the-Hell without somebody watching your back.

But fasting is always a good idea - just not too long. Maybe one-two days is enough for now. Do drink water - it helps keep the body grounded.

And yes, you are going to lose your mind.

good luck!

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