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 Post subject: Shamanism and labyrinths
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2011 12:23 pm 

Joined: Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:45 am
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I am exploring the use of labyrinths as a tool for journeying and was wondering if anyone here had any personal experience or indeed any knowledge of this they would be willing to share.

You can pm me if ou would prefer rather than post on the forum.

Many thanks

 Post subject: Re: Shamanism and labyrinths
 Post Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 4:04 am 

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I will shed some light on the topic,although labyrinths make me feel ill at ease.
I do this service for the benefit of human kind.
The labyrinth,also known as a maze,is a universal structure,representing either the tunnels of the lower world,which are described in detail in Carlos Castaneda's books,or else the tunnels of ideas and thoughts,created by the mind.Either way,getting lost in them is a scary proposition.In the lower world,live the inorganic beings.They are dangerous.Getting lost in the creations of our mind is also scary.If you go far in the tunnel,it is hard to come back.But using a maze as a metaphor for the mind, can be a helpful exercise.There are many legends about this topic.In one of them,the hero journeys into a cave to kill the monster in its center.Many have gone there,but never came back.He finds his way back by following a thread which he attaches to the cave's entrance.There is also the princes trapped in a tower,who weaves a rope that enables her to escape.At the base of the pyramid there are tunnels representing the underworld.
To walk through a man- made maze,such as certain English garden designs,or imaginary maze in journeying,can be a useful exercise,as a way of finding the shortest exit from it.Google the shapes and patterns of the labyrinth.Also Google the word:Yantra,which is a representation of a universal structure that may provide clues about how to exit The Matrix.
While one may enjoy going through a labyrinth and learn lessons from it,keep in mind that it is an enclosed space in which one can get lost for a very long time.If you fly above a maze,you can see the exit clearly.But not so,when you are in it.That is why the role of the spiritual guide is crucial. Without a guide,one can spend eternities,moving in circles.
Doing imaginary journeying in a labyrinth is one thing;actually traveling in the underworld tunnels,is a different matter.You have to know what you are doing.
I will tell you that we are all trapped in a matrix,which we have created on earth.We call it Reality.We are prisoners of the creations of our minds.Without a map and a guide who knows the way,there is no way out.
The Sage.[blog/]

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