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 Post subject: Re: Shamanic illness -- Will I fully recover?
 Post Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:14 pm 

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Under this topic have become great stories about spiritual awakening, wisening and devolopment. Things, that are common, still unique and great examples of shamic path and development for my liking.

These stories here compared to topic "How I became shaman" carry much more weight on them, even nobody addresses they have become shamans. Instead, they see that every moment they have is a gift, pains and hardships can be seen as gifts and through their own struggle found their own strenght, own wisdom, own way of life and also their own way to serve. In that viewpoint people are still evolving, developing without so much weight on accomplishments. With some amount of pain, discomfort a bit more compassion or understanding may take place, if compared to clinical studies from books or second hand information.

When it comes to personal choises, whether somebody is going to heal himself from trauma lifetimes ago or whatever the reason, it is much about personal choise. No spirit is doing that for anybody. Or forcing anybody to flow more with the life instead fighting it. There is no spirit, no god, no energy, which makes decicions for us. Even when there seems to be not much other choise, the decicion is ours to do.

Often, when listening heart's guidance, it will become obvious the decicion making is not easy. We have fears, attachments, lazyness, habits to overcome. But still, life is the greatest teacher and shamanism is for me much about listening her.

 Post subject: Re: Shamanic illness -- Will I fully recover?
 Post Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 11:22 am 

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I feel that spirit never heals us or never forces us to heal, we are always free to choose. I believe that spirit is always calling us home, that it whispers in the events and unfolding of our lifes. It sings to us that we can step out of our old patterns, to be free and realize our union with life and the divine.

Our past actions and energetic imprints seem to lay down and determine what is unfolding in our lifes, but sometimes if we are listening or have laid down pathways to hear, then spirit gives us a message that our actions have or are bringing a situation but if we can step up or wake up a bit that there is a chance to be responsible in reclaiming consciousness.
The seed of awakening is hidden in the events of the life in and around us.

More and more I see that I am not separate from life and that I do not have a life but that I am life. I find more freedom when I dare to surrender into the arms of life and accept what is. This is not an easy thing as it often feels like death as we let go of the old self, and there are many little deaths but it is a chance to be free.

A healer I know once said to me, that he prayed for the strenght to be humble as it was through humility that he could let go and not be in control or resistant to the one life.

I found great truth in his insight.

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