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 Post subject: Shamanic first aid/toolkit
 Post Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:50 am 

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Here's fun question (I think) from a fledgling shamanic practitioner:

Background: Since high school, I've always carried a backpack with me. It has things like my meds, a change of clothes, a book, etc. in it. I know of many who do the same. But I've run into very few people that keep a stocked first aid kit in their pack. I was never a boy scout, but "Be Prepared" always struck me as a good motto to follow.

So I've been thinking: What would I carry with me as a shamanic toolkit/first aid kit? I know that many things of this earth, like plants and stones, have specific properties that are good for specific situations.

I always carry a small pouch of dried white sage with me. I don't exactly know why started carrying it, but I know that since I have, I've found opportunities to use it. I guess it's like an iPad. You don't know you needed it until you had it.

What else, herbs, stones, prayers, etc: would you consider as something to put in a shamanic first aid/toolkit?

 Post subject: Re: Shamanic first aid/toolkit
 Post Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 4:44 am 

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What a great question. I also have a little (ok not so little) bag for such occasions and, being of the girly pursuasion, a handbag with stuff in it that would make some people's hair curl! ;)

In my little bag or just wrapped up in a scarf (which doubles as an altar cloth):

Candle and means to light it (matches or lighter)
Herb of preference as incense
Two small brass dishes for offering and water
4 x specific small stones for the directions.
Either a tiny rattle made from a mint tin with seeds in or two old croital bells.

So not much really, it all wraps up into a 100cm square but enough to set up anywhere and do the basics. It can be strapped to the inside of a drum and taken along with that too.


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