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 Post subject: Shamanic dreaming
 Post Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 11:55 pm 

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I thought a thread on shamanic dreaming would be useful to this board. Broadly put, it includes awareness and practice while asleep AND while awake. Our perception is our waking dream and we all know shamanism is about the modification of perception.

I am interested in the shamanic dream experiences of the rest of the circle. Please add your own or any interesting thoughts on the topic that you may have.

I will start by including one of mine that I often use for teaching. I used a third person perspective because I prefer the feel.

I hope this assists in creating dialogue and the sharing of wisdom and heart!

All the best to you all!

“Cherry Blossoms”

The breath enters the body. The breath leaves the body.

His awareness rested softly on this rhythm as he drifted effortlessly through the curtain between waking and sleep.

He watched with quiet interest as the patterns behind his eyes became the pixels from which his dream senses erupted. He was always amazed by the perfect rendering of these three dimensional worlds. One moment it was just a pattern, and the next an entire world would spring to life all around him.

That was the most dangerous moment, much more difficult than making it through the sleep curtain with awareness intact. The dream worlds and his identities within them were so convincing in their detail that the moment they crystallized he would feel an almost inescapable pull to become lost in the story, and forget his other life in the waking world.

He was sure that if the stories of reincarnation were true, this was how they functioned. The pull of each new identity was so strong everything else was forgotten the moment it was assumed. He had known it intellectually before, but experiencing how it worked was completely different.

He relaxed as the new world formed out of shimmering sparks in the darkness. Sound began. Birds chirped. It was sunny but cool. He still remembered his other lives.

He was at one of his childhood homes. It was the pink one, across from the Asian garden. His favorite. He was about six from the feel of it. Full of adventure. He looked hard at his hands to help keep from losing himself in the dream. They were so small. Still, he noticed a scar on his left hand from an injury he had not received until he was seventeen. He smiled from his heart at the echo from another world.

There was nobody around at all. He would have loved to have seen his mother. She had passed away a year ago in his other life. It would have been nice to see her laugh again and to tell her that he loved her. He had learned not to bother with wish fulfillment though. If you just let your conditioning get on with its business of creating the world, you would have the experiences you needed. Except for specific applications, the lucidity was less about controlling the environment than meeting whatever experiences karma had in store for him with awareness and grace.

He would see her again sometime, he was sure.

For now, he walked through that beautiful old house. He loved the wallpaper with the raised velveteen flowers in the dining room and remembered the loving frustration of his parents as they struggled to put it up, glue everywhere. Wallpaper had gone out of fashion for a reason.

He was tempted to go up into the attic. Attics were always rich in experience and symbols. The creepier the better. Fear really brings out the deep lessons, he thought. Besides, his old toys would be there, and pictures too. Ones that were long lost and forgotten. Even a few that never existed.

When in doubt, feel. He moved his awareness to the sensations on his body. As always in the dream worlds, they were very strong. It was always a more emotional space. He scanned the body and felt the pull. Intuition or karma yoga, whatever you called it, the pull always told him where to go. He found himself walking out the front door.

Space and time were more malleable here and he was across the street without taking a step. He entered the Japanese garden, listening to the gentle breeze and the sound of the little waterfalls. Then he remembered where he was being taken.

Cherry blossoms. He had been about this age when he had stumbled on the little Japanese cherry orchard in full bloom. It was a moment of profound wonder in his life. One of the most joyful moments he had ever had. He was there again, and as before the cool spring wind carried thousands of blossoms from the bountiful trees. All around him they swirled, a delicate coral blizzard.

As in his childhood, his heart ached with the profound beauty all around him while his mind reeled at the intricate three-dimensional patterns formed by so many tiny blossoms. This time however, he was both a child and an adult. This time he was both of the story and outside of it.

He listened through the whisper of wind and bloom to the quickening of the sap. He inhaled the life reek of new birth, subtle but everywhere. He sent roots through the ground to feel the deep pulse, the waves he knew were there and would feed him.

The wind freshened and rushed through him. His eyes closed softly and he watched from a distant place as his young meat body rotted and fell away. A soft, wet thwup-shlup-thup as flesh hit the ground.

He was in the Otherworld. Striding an inferno still flecked by coral blossoms floating. Purified by the billowing ether madness of evolving organic chains.

And the screaming of electrons.

Patterns formed and were smashed apart before him
As distant galaxies, and the fragile life they contain

He observed for a long time.

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 Post Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:41 pm 

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I am a dreamer,I was walking through a neighborhood in a small town that I didnt recognize,along a sidewalk then between yards,as i walked along i saw a Church,the small one room type with the steeple and all,there were people going in and out and there were children playing on the roof of the church,running up and sliding down rolling around,I remember feeling more shock at the disrespect than worry for the safety of the children,however i did not yell or call out to the people gathered there I kept walking,then i found myself walking through a doctors office hallway and then out a backdoor and through a yard were i had a feeling of danger imminent,as i looked around I noticed a small pup tent by a back fence and near the fence was a brocken baseball bat,I picked it up and resumed walking,soon i was going past a large mansion style home ,two men were standing at the front door one was the mayor of the town and the other the sherrif,I walked up to them and told them that there were children playing on the church and that it wasnt right and that they could get hurt,they looked at me but never answered,soon i was on a busy street carying a duffelbag full of pot, as i walked along I noticed some officers on motorcycles so i left the bag by a bus stop,when i got to the corner I looked back and the officers were setting up a ramp on a tow truck to make some sort of demonstration jump with their motorcycles,I walked to my right and down a small incline and through a vacant lot and back out of my pillow.

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 Post Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:26 pm 

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There are between 50 to 100 people who have gathered and we are all sat down at tables to a communal meal. I am sat next to a native man who is tall with grey hair but young looks. I don't remember taking a shower but now I notice my hair is drying and I am pleased I am clean.

Next the room opens out and we are outside at dusk on a gentle hill slope. The native man is dressed in pale (grey/beige) buckskin trousers and shirt, his back is to me as he looks up to the top of the hill. He is about 10m away. I am stood apart from the crowd who are behind me and I know that I must drum but each drum beat must stop resounding before I drum the next beat so very slow and deliberate drumming.

Then I notice many red kites flying, circling over the top of the hill. I remark to myself how many (maybe a dozen or more) which is very unusual. Other drums are sounding now and are not in harmony or sync. Then the red kites fly lower and lower until they become native dancers all dancing on the top of the hill. Each is dressed in white buckskin with different styles, bright coloured beadwork and different hair styles, they all seem to be from different tribes. They all dance differently but just at the end their dancing all becomes synchronised as does the drumming and everyone claps with joy.

The dancers stand in a row along the hilltop and the older native man sits down in front of them. I go to sit beside him and all the others come to sit alongside and around us (he has kept the space directly to his right for his friend, a woman and another angry looking man must move back to allow her to take her place - we are ready to listen to what the young natives have to say.

This dream seems to suggest that new leaders of the old ways will come together to bring teaching and balance to us.

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