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 Post subject: Questions about power/spirit animal
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 12:38 pm 

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I'm completely new to this forum so I might be posting this in the wrong place. If so I'm sorry for the inconvenience :?
Anyway I have some questions about power animals that I would like to your opinion about.
A couple of years ago I started having dreams involving animals at the start of each schoolterm (so about twice a year). The dreams were kind of different, from those I usuallt have, it felt as if the animals were visiting me (sometimes they were even walking towards me.). Eventually i started researching what the dreams could mean.
For instance I once dreamt about an elephant surrounded with vicious tigers. After googling "elephant and symbolism" I figured the meaning of the dream was I should be patient and rise above the competitive nature of my surroundings. I used this dream and message to great effect in my private life, envisioning myself being an elephant whenever I needed to.
After that I've always tried to sort of learn the charateristics of the animal I dream of and use it in my life. It works well :D , but I still have somethings that have been puzzling me:

I always thought that one had only one power animal /spirit guide?
Yet I keep having dreams about a new animal about every half year or so (I never dreamt twice about any animal). So far the following animals: meerkats, elephant, tiger, hummingbird, bear and lately a wild hog has "come" to me in dreams. Is it because my age, I'm 23, is my spirit animal maybe not "fixed" yet? Should I do something about it? like some sort of specific meditation or quest?
I meditate regularly and have had some dreams about the future that turned out to be accurate (an ability that kind of runs in my family). I wouldn't call myself a shaman because I really don't have that much knowledge about the subject (trying to learn though, hence this post). Are these animal dreams a sign that I have shamanic talents?

I would very much appreciate any input or advice on my situation.
Much love

 Post subject: Re: Questions about power/spirit animal
 Post Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:15 am 

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I think none of yor dreams indicate to poweranimal's presence. Good, strong and usable, that those are. Dreams more powerful than some other dreams. Spiritguides can be many, but usually poweranimals one, which may also change.

Should you do something is copletely up to you. Just by continuing meditation practise and keeping mind open is enough to reive these dreams. If you become very stressed, emotionally fragile and so on often leads worse contact with yourself and spiritual realms.

Do you have talents? I do not hink anybody has any talents. It is up to spirits if those come and want to show something. You cannot force them. However, certain sensitivity helps to hear those messages, which may come through dreams or other, more concrete happenings in life.

So, keeping yourself sensitive and open enough lets spirits a way to come and show somithing if they have anything to say, which is not always and all the time. If you have more questions even doing tarot may give you answers, when you ask for it, and listen your intuition, what the reading really means. If you ask too much or do not want to hear, what they are telling you, even spirits seem to frustrate, they seem to think this is not worth our time.

 Post subject: Re: Questions about power/spirit animal
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:42 pm 

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I think the animal presence is obvious. In dreams we (all inhabitants of Earth) share the mass conscience and language and will lend one another their energy signature and even essence to help.

The elephant is loyal, emotional, caring and has the proverbial memory. Generally a sweet animal. Tiger couldn't care less what the animal it's killing feels or thinks. While tigers don't hunt in groups the dream does tell you of the collective energy around the kinder and gentler energy.

Look around you and see if it applies.


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