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 Post subject: Power spam and Medicine Bundles
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:41 am 

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So what do you carry in your power spam? I myself carry four stones that represent the four directions, turkey bones to represent Chalchiutotolin the aztec turkey god, different herbs to keep the evil spirits away from my bag's contents, a double-terminated quartz crystal, a stick or wand that represents the Cihuateteo underworld godesses, nail clippings, hair, and a drop of blood.

Do you only unbundle your bag on special occasions or for certain rituals. I personally unbundle mine each day at noon and at midnight when I do my daily rituals. What is, in your opinion, the reason or purpose of having and maintaining a medicine bag. Do you carry it with you everywhere you go or only when doing healing work.

Yours in the struggle,

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 Post Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:33 pm 

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I personally do not share the contents of my medicine bag. Only those whom I know and trust are allowed to know it's contents. I hand made my medicine bundle with no tools except scissors to cut the leather and suede lace. I hand stitched the seams with waxed thread. When I finished creating my bag, I gave thanks to the animal who provided its hide to me and cleansed the bag by burning white sage. My bag is not very large, maybe 3"x3 3/4". I needed it small enough to carry around my neck or in my pocket. On a full moon, I unpack the contents of my bag and place them in a marble mortar and pestle(without the pestle) with the light of the moon shining on the contents. This is usually done with prayers of protection, thanks, and closes by smudging the items with white sage before being repacked.

I also do not let others handle my bag even if they don't open it. The person wanting to handle your bag may have harmful or negative energies that you would not want to reside on or in your bag. Your bag is a very personal item which holds your energies and personality. It is a representation of you...It is not merely a purse to show off to friends.

I can say that I have certain items for certain occasions in my bag. I have an item for on the spot death rites(passage) ,and I also have an item for new life.

Peace, walkthepath

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