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 Post subject: Plastic or Real Shaman
 Post Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 12:03 am 

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When I read this post, I really had to laugh. I raced to join this group so I could post a very simple yet profound truth as I understand it according to shamanic tradition.

There is no duality. There is no we vs them, me vs you, super power vs third world in an awakened consciousness. There is only what is. Anyone who says they are a shaman must be; otherwise why would they choose this term for themselves? Aren't there easier things to be?

Someone who only wants to deal with a Peruvian or African or Native American Shaman has the right to choose, but to say all others are fake...well that's just wrong. Many people are blessed with sight and healing abilities and ritual and supernormal knowing whether they asked and prayed for it or not. For most that I know, it just happened. Are they for real - hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurie Handlers

 Post subject: Plastic Shaman
 Post Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2007 1:57 pm 

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I totally agree with what you wrote Laurie,
The idea that only people who were born in a third world country with brownish skin can be shaman is going against shamanism spirit. It is almost like saying that only white people can be medical doctors and "natives" are fake doctors. Such rigidity of thoughts.

I was thinking about the Sammi shamans, they are from the North and are white as can be.

We are all one, made from the same energy. and we are all healers and shamans if we choose to share our heart and not hold fear and separation.


 Post subject: "Plastic Shaman?"
 Post Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2007 10:10 am 

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One creates their own reality. One draws to oneself what their thought pattern creates. If you believe there are "plastic" shaman out there, you are right. It seems such a negative, hostile view of the world. I do not envy the person who views the world in such a way. I believe true Shaman ( and that would be all humanity) dream the world into being. Choose your thoughts carefully.


 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2008 1:03 am 

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I believe true Shaman ( and that would be all humanity) dream the world into being. Choose your thoughts carefully.

I totally agree to that. Thank you!

We all can be Shamans if we feel and/or hear the Inner Call. There is a Compromise in ourselves - a profound commitment we choose to take on.
To touch Sky means to know Earth.

 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 2:54 am 

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These are all very good points. It reminds me of an issue with some Native Americans. They are offended by their medicine men being referred to as Shamans (which in truth is a word that comes from a Siberian language, not a Native American language). Some are even offended by a sincere non-indian interest in their spirituality, and want to do their best to keep such people out of it.

I understand their concerns----they are afraid that it will cheapen their beliefs. That non-Indians will use it for selfish or commercial gain. Or that, like archeologists of years past who used the same label, non-Indians may group them as, and treat them as, savages, just like Little Black Sambo.

And in truth, this is what has been happening to Native Americans and their beliefs for the past 200 years. But it has also been prophesied that the young people of America would become more like the Indians, grow their hair long, try to learn their ways, and that these people would become friends to the Indian.

And the term shaman, as it is used today, does not refer to the spiritual practices of just one small culture on another continent---but a spirituality passed down from mankind's oldest ancestors, that shares certain common factors. Whether we refer to a medicine man as a shaman or a medicine man, does it really matter, if we use it in an honorary and respected manner? Granted there is a distinction between what some medicine men do and what others, that some tribes themselves label as a shaman will do----but I'm speaking in more general terms.

Mitakuye Oyasin----we are all related. In fact, I don't believe that it is coincidental that the use of drums, or hallucinogenic plants; journeying into other worlds, whether through dreaming or drumming or other means; that the snake, or other reptilian or serpentine creature connected to the World Tree; that the eagle, or thunderbird, or 7-colored Macaw, sits at the top of the world tree; that the serpent is connected with water; and that so many mythical motiffs and themes are so amazingly common all around the world. It is not coincidence and it is not genetically programmed. It is handed down from a spirituality that we all shared. And that more and more of us today are being reawakened to.

Does it really matter in our physical reality whether Native Americans first emerged in the North Americas, or if everyone emerged from a small population of homo sapiens in Africa? The fact that Native Americans emerged from the Americas is a spiritual truth, it doesn't have to correlate with physical reality----Mitakuye Oyasin. We are all part of the great spirit. All is sacred.

But we still have to be aware that there are those who will be insincere in their use of the traditional ways. From the Native American standpoint, they will steal the native ways and bastardize it for their own selfish gain, without sincerity. Perhaps they look at shamanism as a fad that they can exploit----that is a plastic shaman. And I understand how offensive this is to indigenous people, anywhere in the world, whose very culture and identity has been threatened with both extinction and exploitation.

No one who is sincere in their beliefs, should be labeled as plastic. Shamanism is something so personal, that only you yourself can truly know what happens in this amazing relationship with the universe. All that matters is your sincerity----and to be otherwise you probably hurt yourself more than anyone.

Mountain Valley Wolf.

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