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 Post subject: Need advice on cleansing home/dirty aura
 Post Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:12 pm 

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Hi, im new here. I did some searching on this subject but didnt find the specifics i need.

About me: Ive practiced journeying and pagan style worship throughout most of my life but most rigorously over the last few years after being introduced to shamanism. For me discovering shamanistic practices was kind of like solving a real tough math problem: "Omg, this makes sense, duh!" I reconnected with my nordic roots, started praying and downloaded some drum beats. Buuut im a better student than i am a self teacher so progressing has been frustratingly slow. I have a lot of untapped natural talent so the fact that i cant find a good mentor in todays society to apprentice under is rather aggravating. I will however ask for advice here and then try very hard to act on whatever i get.

The problem: I live with a person right now whose aura is so dirty and intense that i, and others, are literally ill from sitting around with it all the time. Ive lived with this person off and on for years and every time i have ive moved out in far worse health than i showed up in. I am particularly vulnerable due to empathic abilities but many ppl have experienced this with this persons aura. Completely skeptical ppl marvel at her ability to turn a beautiful new apartment into a moldy garbage heap. Im not talkin about clutter or even any other kind of common messiness. No, whn we moved into this place it was perfectly clean. Over the last year it has spiraled into disrepair. Mold grows in every room but mine, ppl get sick, appliances break around her for no reason, the humidity has increased, fleas show up from nowhere and continue to exist only around her/in her room. And all of this and more happened in her last home.

For a long time ive simply said "i just gotta get outa here" and hid in my room but i feel like fighting it as its beginning to seriously affect my health and every other aspect of my life. I apologize for the lengthy post. Please help if u can lend any advice.

 Post subject: Re: Need advice on cleansing home/dirty aura
 Post Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:13 pm 

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It's very simple: move out.

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