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 Post subject: Learning from the maestros
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:30 pm 

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Location: Iquitos, Peru
I have lived in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru for the last five years, living and studying with a curandero named don Juan for four of those years, and studying with two other curanderos for the last year. It has been an incredible adventure, one that continues to bring surprises and valuable lessons around every bend in the path.
I´m currently writing a book about my experiences, and I have recently founded the Ayahuasca Foundation to help promote the preservation and education of the sacred shamanic traditions here in the Amazon. I run retreats, courses, and host the Curandero Seminar, which makes studying a little tricky, but I do my best.
I will be holding some online teleseminars, which will allow participants to listen for free to interviews with authentic indigenous curanderos from the Amazon Rainforest. We´ll be talking about a variety of topics, such as the preparation of medicinal plants, traditional healing philosophies, the role of singing in the healing process, the use of tobacco and other shamanic tools, and much more. If you would like more information on how to attend these free online events, simply visit our website: and sign up to our mailing list. This will allow you access to the teleseminars and our monthly updates. We are currently organizing the construction of the Ayahuasca Museum here in Iquitos, Peru, but we have many future projects planned. You can see it all on the website.

The most important lesson that I have learned from the maestros is that faith is the most important element of healing. The patient must have faith in the healer, and the healer must have faith in God, in the science, and in him/herself. This is not a blind faith, however, it is a very scientific faith, based on the truth found in real life observations.
I was recently speaking with an amazing man, dr. Aranda, who lives and practices alternative medicine here. He has attended many ayahuasca ceremonies and works closely with curanderos to integrate traditional healing philosophies into modern medical practices. It is a joy to know that there are people like him, and an honor to know him.
He was describing the use of medicine in the healing process. He said that it is not the chemistry of the medicine that causes the healing to take place, but its consciousness.

In Bruce Lipton´s book, the Biology of Belief, he says that 80% of all healing effects from pharmaceutical medicine can be attributed to the placebo effect. Psychosomatic healing is another way of saying faith healing. Ultimately we heal ourselves, but symbols of that healing and our belief in them make the process easier to achieve our goal.

The curanderos of the amazon believe it is the spirit of the plant that heals the patient, and my teacher don Juan rarely used plant remedies to heal, relying solely on the spirits he would call in ayahuasca ceremonies to take care of it. I have seen seemingly miraculous healings with only the songs of the curanderos. Of course, the patients believed in the curandero and the ability of the songs to call the spirits that would bring about the healing. While it is complicated, it is also simple.

Has anyone else experienced this type of healing?

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 Post Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2009 12:42 pm 

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Hi Carlos. I've read of another Carlos (Castaneda) who studied under a Don Juan (but was a Yaqui). Where I live (Texas, USA), it is illegal to perform healing with the aid of Ayahuasca. So much for living in the "land of the free". I know some healers locally who use a shamanic form of Reiki in their practice. I don't know of anyone who uses healing songs, but I suspect there is someone doing that around here. I just don't know.

I use drum-induced trance for my work, but am just a beginner, and my teachers are books (for method) and spirits (for experiencial studies). I have a lot to learn.

The teleseminars sound intriguing. Thanks.

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