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 Post subject: I am quite confused...
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 5:36 pm 

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I watched some Shamanism videos, read some books, was given a deer skin drum and tried a couple of times to ‘journey’ to no avail (i.e. not understanding what this is all about). I recently watched a few videos about Ayahuasca and I got more confused but the curiosity returns.

It is the most basic question. Whether Ayahuasca is involved in the ‘trip’ or not, seeing or experiencing the feeling of being in a different dimension or seeing fantastic things is hallusination from our subjective mind; much like dreaming or an act of imagination. What is the evidence to say otherwise?

If our mind is like a radio receiving signals from somewhere, fine; but it is physical – because we have a living brain. Brain dies, DMT as a naturally released hormone will last for a few minutes the most (which may contribute to NDE) and disappear (as a biological process). No brain, no radio to receive signals, nada and oblivion follows.

So why are we making more out of this hallucination (especially when its drug induced) which is a physical phenomenon than what it actually is? After you’ve taken Ayahuasca, you are so sick and out of it and groggy that it’s obvious that it is brain chemical reaction which caused the hallucination. From what I saw, the person hallucinating knew he was hallucinating and images he saw were from his own mind, even the nearby Shamans could not share his dream state.

Why then do we interpret it as going to a different dimension, tapping into the universal consciousness and more than what it is - drug induced hallucination.

I hope to start a discussion thread here if at all possible so I can get some help to satisfy my curiosity.


 Post subject: Re: I am quite confused...
 Post Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:45 pm 

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Hi QC,

I'm surprised you are confused - because you seem to have a good handle on things.

Another question to ask in these circumstances is - this information in the vision or hallucination, is it useful?

I remember in the early years of my apprenticeship that I would shamanise - without drugs - and get visions/information about a client. It might be something like : "You used to live in a house with a tree in front of it."

But if I'd got that right, I'd think, well, that's not so special, is it? A lot of houses have a tree in the front.

Then I remember telling a client: "You fell off a blue tractor when you were about 12."

And it was true. Her younger brother was driving the tractor and it fell over on its side.

Then I thought, may be true. But she KNEW that already. And it's not very useful information in itself, is it? Except maybe as a demonstration of my psychic powers.

What matters, it seems to me is if the information is useful to the client's life of in treating their problem.

One useful purpose is when you get this kind of blue tractor information from a relative of the client who is recently died. You'll get it in the seven-day ceremony and often the dead soul gives some information like this that only the client will know. They will pass on some advice usually, and the personal particular information is a kind of calling-card to prove it's coming from them.

All the best,

Mac Blyth

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