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 Post subject: to this site. has question.
 Post Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:27 pm 

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HI am new to this site. I have a single question I would like to ask inhere. sorry for the poor choice of username but I do not plan to use the site other than get a single answer on a question I been needing answered for some time.

I had a calling. then some traumatic experiences that where pretty brutal and I knew as a kid I was going to do something like shamanism or something similar when I grew up.

I almost died several times from disease. I was mentally ill but not really just something similar. I have been struck by lightning in a vision and since I was a child I had strange dreams and saw beings that where spirits of the land I live on.

however I am from Denmark. we do not have any real shamans here. only new age kinda stuff and the experiences I had are really not fun at all and is to be taken very seriously .

I been dragged kicking and screaming into this as you might can tell from this. I found out that my spirits are happy with letting me do native american ceremonies and work spiritually from that path and I did learn these things from native americans I met here. its the sweatlodge and the pipe and the medicine wheel I use and nothing else. along with a tobacco offering each morning. and working hard with myself in order to be the best person I can be towards others myself and my mother earth.

I am however dane and not adopted and never been to the rez it all happened here.

this has nothing to do with shamanism however in my book. this is something I do for the sake of keeping my spirits happy and in order to gain wisdom and spiritual development.

I do have a drum , one for ceremonies (native american made ) and one that is for drumming if I start shamanistic travelling someday. its looking like a drum from sibiria or finland or something like that. I keep these two thing very seperated as I see it as two different beings.

I am not sure how to start this shamanistic work. I can not travel on the drum. I can not force my lucid dreams to happen when I want it. I do not use any abilities I have for anything else than speaking with a tree when I need to cut it down in order to make a sweat logde and ask the stones if they want to be part of my sweat and I listen to spirits adwise when I pray. I sometimes get messages I bring to others but I never tell them where I got it from. they need not know that it was intuitive knowledge I shared with them and I do it as naturally as possible so they wont notice if I do it sometimes.

I do know that my spirit guides are wanting for me to start up this work. I feel that I rather be without it but its my calling and something I need to do.

I prayed for a teacher for many years , physical one. but I got some things from spirit , just not the shamanistic work yet. it has been years of personal development and I am not sure if I am of the hook yet. or will be allowed to not do it.

recently I met someone that might function as a teacher but I am not sure and it seems that he might move away and it wont amount to anything. he is a native american and a medicine man so this sort of keeps me from asking him for adwise because I already know that these persons wont share anything with non native and rather not talk about what they do so I figure unless that he saw in me something he could help me with in part I might be lucky to get a single lessons in dreaming. maybe not. most likely not I think.

I need someone to help me as a teacher. its dangerous what I gotten into and I wont be able to do this alone.

is there anyone here that can help me find out where I can get a real teacher or what to do with this or maybe just hope and pray that I can get out of it unless I do get someone that will teach me the things I need to know face to face as I am not interested in making mistakes that could cost my sanity or life.

I can not use harner and core shamanism nor any of the shaman courses or classes , seminars or anything like this. neither can I find one from Greenland which are the closest to Denmark here. I think its all dead that part of the old culture and I do not have any way I can move to a other country as I am sick.

I already have had half of these experiences listen here without going into much detail I will say that this is something I take pretty seriously what I am going to do with this.

can anyone help inhere ?


 Post subject: Re: to this site. has question.
 Post Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:02 pm 

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HI, i just found a website try there as they seem open to non-native shamans. good luck

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