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 Post Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:33 am 

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No apology necessary -- you were asserting your right to BE!


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 Post Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:27 pm 

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 Post Posted: Tue Jan 20, 2009 6:15 pm 

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I can relate, stitcherman. It's been over 20 years since my dental check-up. At the last session they showed me my x-rays of a serious cavity that needed to be addressed immediately. They showed me another cavity that they predicted would need to be addressed in about 6 months. I blew them off and never went back to them or anyone else.

People think I'm foolish when I tell them I avoid dentists. I still have all my teeth, and no pain. Wouldn't you expect a serious immediate issue to do something within 20 years? Maybe I take better care of my mouth knowing that there is no one else in care of it. And maybe by caring for my mouth, my mouth has decided to heal itself too. I prefer to think that way than to suggest dentists are crooks.

 Post subject: Oh So true...
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:21 pm 

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Stickterman hope I spelled you name right.
In a way it is like the world is ran by the Heyoka spirit gone wild...
As People forgot to laugh....
It's time for the world to laugh, be tolerant, slow down and interact with eachother again..

As far as Bad and Good Teachers. Both Teach good lessons and experiences. Fast food Shaman.. I thought you were talking about a new modern shaman that scried in French fry grease as they cook fried as mcdonalds or something, or made special burgers with plant helpers in it. Shrugs...

I myself am a Heinzist Shaman. Many who do not understand it would view me as a chronic dabbler. I teach through sharing my personal experiences good and bad, Althought my spiritual experiences delve into realms of many faiths and traditions. Verses, Sharing about Jesus Christ, to Papa Ogun, To the Aztect and Mayan Spirits who had me dancing with them, verses the Warriors of Native Ancestry... I have quite a mix of what has shown up in my life and teach me new ways and experiences.

I agree.. I find it annoying on many groups.
We get stuck on

What is or is not Shamanism?
Bad verses good teachers....
Ego, is it good or bad? ...
and I am like jeesh can we get to the real stuff already..
Or if you state your a Shaman, and a person is from a traditional that does not recognize you. Then it turns into a battle fest, pounding the new Shaman into the ground.... or challenge them to wear them down, or See how long it takes to Steal their thunder...

I am a warrior as well.. but I do not feel the need to have to war against strangers or fell Shamans who do not agree that I am not a Shaman in their eyes. I however, wish for them to respect my belief about myself, and I will respect their right to not recognize me of use the title with me, and move on and leave it at that...

I find the worse encounters I personally have had with this is the circle of tengerism community....

Now, I fully understand people wanting to defend their traditions for fakes, frauds, etc... But not all non traditional, fast food, mixed, eclectic, dabbling Shamans are necessarily bad.

Some of us like myself is meant to step in and shake things up a little...
Most of my abilities have the Heinzism elements, and combined with Railroading symbolism as I was a railroaders in a past life, and in this current life that is what I wanted to be a railroader, not a Shaman...

But I found myself clearing the tracks for people in a way I did not expect...
Inspiring people without realising it, and standing up to Challenges I did not know existed.

Some people find my openness and sharing very threatening, as to them spirituality is personal and should not be shared, and can open people to spiritual attacks.

I have had my fair share, and I honestly walk in both the Dark and the Light, but for the purpose of manifesting always positive change, or bringing about good lessons..... As I dance my circle of life.

- Casey Heinzism

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 Post subject: Some thoughts
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:51 pm 

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If I remember correctly, the process of identifying in indigenous cultures who was destined to be a healer was no different than ours, really.

Looking at my own life, I was called to be a healer since I was very young...'a doctor' I would say when asked what I wanted to be. My hands my mother would place on others who needed a gentle massage, or simply an assurance that things would be fine. I spoke to the animals at an early age, and was scared when I felt the invisibles around me. My mother was 'psychic' doing tarot for as far back as I could remember. She would take me to chiropractors and I was introduced to accupuncture when it was still in the shadows for us here in the west, and I understood early on the concept of 'Holistic' medicine...the need to tend to the body, mind and spirit. Is it any wonder while studying nursing I recognized the relationship between cancer in our bodies and our cancerous ways on earth? Is this any difference than how indigenous healers recognized that many causes of illness was due to an imblance between the person and the natural world?

Why then, because I am white, born and raised in a modern western culture, that my studies and work with indigenous healers around the world, as well as those out of Harner's group and still others of mixed blood or Jewish or white blood who have spent a life moving in this direction, reclaiming these lost ways...some how I am less valid as a healer to others?

The answer...I'm not. What is true will always be true. Healers never left...those in the western world may have changed, evolved, and look different than we did 1, 2,...5 thousand years ago, but we never left, we never stopped being what we are. The culture around us changed, sometimes recognizing us, often changing our names and specialties, and thankfully, we have learned a few things along the way...but we never ceased to exist. Whether we choose to identify as shamans, doctors, spiritualists, name it, we are all of the same ilk...and so, too, are our indigenous counterparts.

One of my teachers, Michael Ortiz Hill, spoke of how when healers met, they exchanged medicine with each other. This is what we need to be today...less about proving our existence and more about sharing our wisdom.

Let is sit together, share our wisdom, be open to what we are and what not...and worry less about 'fast food.' Like will seek like...if are then you are and you will find others to sit with who are, questions asked.

True healers don't worry about these things....

Mountain Bear

 Post subject: Re: Fast Food Shamanism
 Post Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 7:04 am 

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I can really relate to the topic in this thread! I get lots of healers - both amateur and professional - who come to my shamanism courses in order to quickly pick up another "healing technique" to add to their repertoire. They think that shamanic healing is a mechanical thing - just make the right moves or the right rituals and the healing magic will happen. But as several people, such as BetaSwimmer and Crowtalker have remarked, the development of a shamanic practitioner is more about personal transformation than "LEARNING A FEW TRICKS!"

These "healing technique" junkies want to attend a few workshops then go home and add "Shamanic healing" to their list of skills. They could do well to heed the words of Bearsky: " have to graze in a meadow long enough to not only taste the grass, you have to chew on it, digest it, get all the nutrients from it and then poop out the rest!".

"Rebirthing" [ego transformation] has been mentioned a few times, and of course many shamanic practices, such as Sweatlodge and Vision Quest have a Rebirthing potential in them [for people who can go beyond the "ticking the box" / "buying the tee-shirt" ego-based approach].

I am personally also quite keen on fasting, trance-dance, cathartic-anger-release work and the breathwork-based practice of "Rebirthing" as transformative "SELF-PURIFICATION" practices for the developing shamanic practitioner. I require all my trainees to work through these practices.

Developing awareness of, and releasing ourselves from, the bondage of past conditioning and held-in trauma memories is, I feel, essential to the clarity and deep connectivity needed for Soul Retrieval work. I believe that the practice of breathwork-based "Rebirthing" has a key role to play in this. I, and other healers I have met, have had clients go into spontaneous rebirthing during deep healing sessions - so it seems to be a very natural deep-healing process.

Some videos and other info about Rebirthing can be found here:


Many later-life relationship problems are believed to involve co-dependency/abandonment/clinginess issues - patterns which can begin during the birth process when a Mother, in her pain and fear - abandons the spiritual/emotional connection to her child. In my own first experience of re-birthing, I revisited the claustrophobic “alone in life-threatening danger” panic of my own birth – it felt very, very real, but this deep groove of old trauma memory became disrupted - and overwritten - by the rebirther stepping in to give compassionate, loving support. An unexpected benefit afterwards was speaking to my mother about my birth and hearing her say “Your father was pacing up and down in the next room”. These words brought the tears welling-up in my eyes and streaming down my face.

….Pretty obvious stuff, but actually somehow it had never really occurred to me that my family were so eagerly awaiting my arrival in this world – the terror of my “birth isolation” trauma had blocked me from realizing this simple but vital soul-nourishing truth!

Although rebirthing goes "way back" - e.g. John the Baptist - modern rebirthing practice took off on the 1970s with a "New Age" birth-simulation approach, until it was realised that, with an experienced facilitator, the key experience could be accessed simply by breathwork alone. I have personally experienced 3 different approaches to rebirthing now, but now use a shamanic-style of drummed rebirthing when facilitating groups. This is mainly based on a Native American approach I learned some years ago, but incorporates some of the Orr/Ray/Minett birther facilitation.

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