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 Post Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:49 pm 

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a child sitting in an empty room playing with matches while several adults look on from a distance,noone stops the child from this play, many offer caution and advice but none intervene,the child strikes match after match letting them burn down to the fingers

Thank-you Anthony for this wonderful allegorical vision! It is so true, isn't it, that children will often choose to entertain themselves by "playing with fire" and getting burned, rather than be bored and lonely?

I wonder if our dreaming [unconscious] mind is also choosing this in repetitive disturbing dreams? What I mean is that if we have not been using our shamanic practices to connect and work with [integrate] our unconscious [spirit world] mind, it is creating its own entertainment, which our conscious [adult] mind might choose to only watch and remark upon.

I wonder also if the child in your vision is not just "playing with fire", but also seeking ILLUMINATION? Would your envisioned child have been in DARKNESS without the repetitive recourse to the "POWER" of his/her matches?

Isn't ILLUMINATION what our dreaming mind is doing in giving us repetitive disturbing dreams? Isn't is HIGH-LIGHTING a problem that we have not yet solved?

Anna-Mari`s spirit helper the wolf is obviously coming to help her from any bad dream situation

Going round and round in circles and getting repeatedly "burned" [as Anna-Mari's repetitive bad dream, and in Anthony's vision of the child] by distressing outcomes, is always a valid lifestyle choice, Barry, and we all do it from time to time. It is the safe and familiar option, as in the saying "Better the devil you know...!" - It is much easier to go round and round in a familiar "rut" than climb our over the steep and slippery sides.
At some point we may tire of this repeated experience of our own limited power and seek bigger experiences of the world and of ourself.

Wishing all of us the kind of room and amount of illumination that is right for us just now!

 Post subject: reply to wolf/escape dream
 Post Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2009 5:21 pm 

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It feels to me that the dreams are telling you that the Wolf is your medicine and your source of strength and safety when ever danger arises in your life--And you are shape-shifting into Wolf, not merely calling upon Wolf medicine! Do study up on wolves, and read up on Ted Andrews' book Animal Speak, if you haven't already! This dream feels to me to be a beautiful message from your higher self of what your power animal is (and who you are, in shamanic realms).

All best,

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