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 Post subject: Cihuateteo and the Ahuiateteo
 Post Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:57 pm 

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In ancient aztec myth, there are certain minor deities or spirits that visit us in the real world on particular days in the Cholq'ij calendar. First, the Cihuateteo who are believed to be the souls of deified mortal women who died in childbirth. They were said to cause sicknesses and tempt men to sexual misconduct. There is a brighter side to them for in aztec culture women who died in child birth were revered as warriors on par with any male warrior that has died in battle. They were worshipped as ancestors in the Cihuateocalli built at a crossroads. They are known as the goddesses of the crossroads. The days on which they were to descend to earth are 1-Manik, 1-Cauac, 1-Chuen, 1-Akbal, and 1-Men. They were associated with the five trecenas of the West.

There are another set of minor gods who were called the Ahuiateteo or Macuiltonaleque. These were five gods of pleasure and excess, and dangers resulting from that. They were representative of the dangers and reprecussions of excessive pleasure associated with drinking, gambling, and sex. They were to cast their influence on the days 5-Kan, 5-Cib, 5-Lamat, 5-Ahau, and 5-Eb. The leader of these set of gods was 5-Ahau, which was the god of gambling and games, chief of the Ahuiateteo, who is closely associated with the god Xochipilli. They were associated with the five trecenas of the South.

What I wanted to know is how one can master these spirits by interacting with them on these particular days in the Aztec/Maya calendar. I've thought about possibly shamanic journeying to them on their particular days on the Cholq'ij, but what if I get possessed by the Cihuateteo. Are they good or are they evil? Or does it even matter. Perhaps they can be summoned to show me the nature of illness since they themselves can perpetuate it. Didn't ancient shamans of Siberia interact with the spirits of disease in order to learn to cure? Thanks in advance.

Yours in the struggle,

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