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 Post subject: Camping With Owl Spirit.
 Post Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:32 pm 

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Hello, my name is Hunter a.k.a Kicking Bird and im recently new to the fourm. Happy to join, real pleasure being apart of this shamanic gathering.

Recently over my birthday weekend, I went hunting and decided to camp a mile or so away from my hunting spot. When it got dark I made my fire and proceeded to watch the flame for a while. Time passed, and as I looked up I seen a small owl not 5 feet from my face on a branch above watching the flame with me. I stood up because I needed to gather more wood for my fire, he didnt startle at all, only looked me in the eye as if staring through my soul. I said kind words and threw a tobacco offering into the fire as thanks for his visit. I said a old native american prayer and proceeded with a song from the Caddo of Eastern Texas. He would get closer and closer as I sang, very curious indeed. He later would return a few times throughout the night to watch over me and my flame. As I went to leave and pack up my weekend camp, I left him a fish offering and a handful of persimmons in the tree he watched me in, thankful for his presence over my hunting weekend.

What do owls mean in Native American/shamanic Lore? Is it an ancestor, shape-shifter, good luck? Was this a good sighting and what should I take from his friendliness, wisdom and interest in me and my fire? Does anyone else have an experience with an owl spirit outdoors?

Good wisdom to all, and best wishes for the weeks ahead!
-Kicking Bird

 Post subject: Re: Camping With Owl Spirit.
 Post Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:40 am 

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Apparently, the powers that be use the symbol of the owl to implement ideas directly into our subconcious mind so that it may manifest into our realities. When this is done on a collective level they can create whatever they need to, so long as we are the ones that ask for it.

I'd say your experience was a great thing! Owl's are beautiful creatures! I'd love to chill with one of the little fellas :)

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