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 Post subject: An Army of Naguales
 Post Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:12 pm 

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I had a dream-vision that before me was an army of dead shamans ready to take on a fight against the evil forces of the world. They humbled themselves through laughter and performed ascetic practices before embarking on their journey up to earth from the underworld. They said farewell to their loved ones in their final resting place, ready to take on the challenges that lay ahead. They sang, they feasted, and they sought council of the elders. The elders spoke of a disastrous future for mankind and its children. The changes that were to come were too complex and too vast for the meek mortals to understand. But still, there was hope. The shamans set off from the distant regions of Mictlan only to came face to face with their own demons. They warded them off with swords and spears, to gather the strength to undertake their dangerous journey.

As they reached the entrance to the Middle World and emerged in the ancient city Teotihuacan, the place of the gods, they looked about them to look for omens and signs. They saw a scropion fighting a spider and felt this was a bad augury. Nevertheless, they went on until they came to center of the four directions. They separated into groups according to the date of their birth. Twenty went to the East. Twenty went to the North. Twenty went to West. Twenty went to South. And they were off into an uncertain world of the Tonal, only to return to their homeland long ravaged by foreign occupation and religious zealotry.

They departed to the four corners of the earth to cure the ills of a desperate human condition. And then they traveled far and wide to different tribes in order to teach them their methods so that the tribal elders of those cultures would be better prepared to tackle the struggles of a horrible world. But there was still hope. They were carefully selected by the aztec gods to be their messengers, their prophets, and their visionaries on Mother Earth. They will return one day when their job is done, but for now they walk among us, healing us of our maladies and blessing and absolving us from our sins.

This was my vision.

I hope that through this magickal order, we may harness the message of this vision and hopefully change reality for the better. We need an army of revolutioanry nahuallis to be the vanguard of a shamanic cultural revolution that will change the path of humanity. The path of Aztec Shamanism is steep, and lead to rocky roads. But the day will come when we will walk among you, however less or more we are. We can become many. Many will come. It is our calling. It is our duty. It is our will.

Yours in the struggle,

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 Post Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:15 pm 

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I like this Vision very much. It speaks to me.



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