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 Post subject: Advice on possible shamanic calling
 Post Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:18 am 

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Hi, this is my first post here. I'm not a shaman or even a shamanic practitioner but I seem to be directed towards this path in some way and could use some advice.
About five years ago I had a full kundalini awakening, it was very smooth and beautiful with no problems. The night before it came I dreamed of a jaguar fighting a giant anaconda, as you you can see this is very Ayahuasca/Peruvian image  yet I am Irish/Britsh.  The awakening has had a very shamanic aspect to it all along which I am really now only getting to grips with. I'll leave out the specific kundalini aspect and just share the shamanic side.
When I started asking the big questions I decided that if I didn't get the answers I would take Ayahuasca, but then kundalini came and gave me all the answers I was looking for, but in retrospect Ayahuasca knew I was coming all along.
My real awakening began in Bali when I took a yoga class. Id done yoga as a child and found I knew everything in the class, it was like coming home. Whilst there I went to a reptile park where they had a lovely female Komodo dragon. She was an awe inspiring creature. The keeper went in the pen with her and peeled some of her skin off that was shedding, she liked it. He then came and gave me a big piece of skin. I see this now as a first shamanic gift, the skin of a dragon.
As I mentioned before, the day before kundalini came I dreamed of an anaconda fighting a jaguar. This is of course very Amazonian, very Ayahuasca. I only discovered last year that in Peruvan shamanism one of the symbols is the condor above a jaguar above an anaconda. The anaconda is the spiritual energy, the jaguaryou, and the condor, higher consciousness, so this in itself was a very shamanic as opposed to yogic image.
About a year later I met an Irish lady who had kundalini. She said to me that she had been guided to give me something. She gave me a small statue of an eagle which she had bought in Peru. This goes back to my first 'big' dream which was of an eagle pulling a snake out of a moonlit pond and forward to my time with  ayahuasca. I see this as another shamanic gift.. I had no intention of ever gong to Peru at this stage but Ayahuasca does not work in linear time.
The reason I eventually ended up taking Ayahuasca, was because my stepson needed  healing and I couldn't think of anything else that might work. As soon as I made the decision my dreams became full of shamanic imagery and shamans. I dreamed of a pig and a wild boar facing up to each other, in between them was a green faced shaman. I saw this as representing the balance and conflict between my domesticated self and my wild shamanic self.  In another I found myself climbing a ladder in a thunderstorm, the earth was cracking with power, the whole universe inside me.  In another dream I am told to climb the ladder and find the tobacco. I didn't know at the time that many shamans use a ladder to journey to the upper world. Tobacco is sacred in Peru, Ayahuasca is the mother of tobacco. 
In another dream I was initiated into shamanism by a giant African shaman. He was huge and powerful, he forced me to eat blood, hair and  bone from the skulls of the dead.  Following this I dreamed of an African elephant, he was covered in leaves, he was an elephant shaman.
However I'm not Peruvian, African or Indian, and it is the British Celtic wildwood that really resonates in my heart and these animals come too. The week before we left for Peru,  in my dream I saw a woodland clearing. First a hare ran past me, then a deer, then a one antlered stag. The next day, my dog brought me the antlers of a small deer.  Another gift.
The day after a stag came into the field behind our house, I have never seen him before or since. We then went to Peru. The night before we went to the retreat, my stepson sat up in bed and said, I've just had a strange dream. I saw a stag in a woodland glade with light shining upon him. I had said nothing of the previous events.
After ayahuasca  I dreamed about a humming bird. It was a fully lucid dream. I was in a classroom and the humming bird flew straight at me. I only found  out afterwards that it's one of the big sacred animals of the Andes a symbol of resurrection.
Not so long ago, I had another lucid dream. I was walking down a typical English high street when a condor flew up to my face and froze in mid air. I awoke with a power song, my Irish Icaro. There was no creative process it came direct from spirit. This completed the visits from the sacred Peruvian animals.

Later I dreamed of an anaconda and a King cobra . I held the cobra under the head with my right hand,  it was beautiful, I knew it could bite me but I didn't care. It then entwined with the anaconda, I knew this cobra was the kundalini and the anaconda the ayahuasca. These two cosmic serpents entwined like DNA and flowed through my hands.

Most recently, in my dream I was told to make a drum. I had a few dreams of drumming before this but  didn't get the hint. It's almost like Spirit has to  throw antlers at me before I understand:) In the dream I found myself in a shamanic drum shop. There was a woman giving drumming lessons, she said we have to find you a teacher. She called a man over. He was wearing an animal mask, it was made if light and constantly changed colour. For the rest of the night all I could hear was drums. So ok, I can take a hint. The next day I set about finding a drum. Two weeks later I had a hoop and skin. I got them from a shaman in England. I told him about the dream and he said it was clear that Spirit wanted the drum to be made.  He sent me the skin  of a red deer stag, I'm sure you can see the connections:) I made the drum with ceremony. That night I saw again spirits with animal masks.
Im just back from another ayahuasca retreat. I had the drum in ceremony and saw the stag spirit. In the last ceremony an eagle flew above me, it had a wooden totem pole head, then condors flew above me, I ended up falling asleep with a bear spirit!
Anyway, that's some of the background.  I seem to be having shamanic experiences but I don't really know how to bring this into 'real' life.  Should I see this as purely part of my kundalini journey or is it a direct calling?  Am I just supposed to keep all this in my soul and learn and appreciate or actively pursue a practical shamanic path?  Any ideas from you real shamans much appreciated:)

 Post subject: Re: Advice on possible shamanic calling
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:34 pm 

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You can read some of my posts. I am a shaman. Don't worry too much about titles. Anyone can call themselves anything. Google:Oracledreamhealer-as one word. That's my blog. Also google: gloria eagle articles. That's my articles.

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