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 Post subject: You Should be Dancing. Yeah.
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 4:19 pm 

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Just kidding, but sure kick up your heels if you want to! I have danced almost every day for twelve years.

The dancing opened many doors to many new and novel experiences - all of them magical and delightful.

Yesterday I had an experience which was a bit jarring, a bit disturbing, but I managed to keep dancing and put it out of my mind.

I dance in front of mirrors, just to check for form - I avoid looking at my face most of the time and would prefer to don a mask, ha hja... but anyway, yesterday I caught a glimpse of myself in the midst of a rather beautiful and exciting move, and I was shocked that I didn't recognize this body as it seemingly defied the laws of gravity, with its trunk and the limbs that swirled around it. I thought I looked oddly tubular, and the attending limbs seemed to appear a saving grace to an otherwise awkward predicament of ensoulment within a living sausage.

It was strange to be sure, seeing my own, wonderful, fun loving, dancing, exuberant body as alien and strange. I could literally feel my spirit tugging at me to depart from this dancing sausage and return to the dignity of the spirit world, where nothing sausage shaped restrains one.

Well, that.s it. Anyone else ever looked at their physical beings in a strange way?

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