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 Post subject: Wyrd Me a River
 Post Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2007 12:27 pm 

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when we think of journey in terms of shamanism we often think of faring out to one of the 3 (or 9) worlds. we often think of traveling beside, on, or merged with our animal spirit allies. a sorcerous view of journey, however and IMO, would be more along the lines of faring alone and merging into “wyrd”.

there is a concept I’ve run across called "Japa meditation" which is described as saying "god's" name over and over again until you trance. I first encountered this concept at Beliefnet years ago when Galina Kraskova said she journeyed on Odin’s name chanted continuously. I’ve encountered this idea more recently, as in last Spring, when I again ran across the concept while reading Wayne Dyer’s book on “The Power of Intention”. intention/intending is a subject matter that attracts me deeply.

I strongly believe that we do attract into our lives; that we have the ability to shift probabilities to our thoughts’ focus. that manifestation is within our reach. the tools for accomplishing this are myriad and are all interesting, but all bear one thing in common. that one thing is focus of intent.

Dyer goes on about "the source" a lot. and the "power of intention". of course his view of these things is fairly Christain, which appeals to me not in the least. I felt a desire to examine this concept from a Northern perspective.

I considered what in the Northern lore could be described as “the source”. who or what would we appeal to if looking to the Northern Mysteries for inspiration and if our goal was to intend; to intend change, to intend wellness, to intend weal, to intend prosperity, to intend the basic fibers of our lives into our desires. Ginungagap as source comes to mind, the magical void of manifestation is unquestionably a source motif. certainly it’s a powerful place of materialization and an awe inspiring energy to tap into. of course the Allfather or Frigga seem likely objects of such a meditative goal. Allfather and his brothers, as they who form matter into manifestation; “Woden, Villi, Ve” is a good timbre for this exercise and nets interesting results. Frigga as the soul spinner resonates as well. but what I found to be the most resonant was to sing or chant the names of the Nornir.

Urdh, Verdhandi, Skuld! over and over I chant these names.

I set my purpose before hand, the purpose which I wish to manifest and then chant these sacred names. the result has been rather incredible. I sing the Nornir until I’m floating on a river of wyrd. in this river my intention can be set into the flow, trailing off my fingers into the stream.

it’s a marvelous, ecstatic experience. I share this now in hopes that others may gain from it. if you try this and are guided to, please share of your experience. whether that be the use of a different “source” to chant to, or a different result from the chant. or anything of this kind of meditation about which it pleases you to speak.

frith & bliss,

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 Post Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2007 7:35 am 

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Intention does seem to be the word these days. Do you know the work of Lynn McTaggart? She wrote "the Intention Experiment", which my partner is reading at the moment.

I'm delighted that you came up with the Ginnugagap as "the Source". I think so too. I've been talking with a Shaman who works with Northern themes and she first introduced me to the concept of the Void, or Ginnugagap as a work 'source'.

"Wodan, Willi, We" seems a good alliterative 'mantra'.

Or to be drawn to the Center: Irminsul, Irminsul, etc. / Yggdrassil, Yggdrassil, etc.

By the way: on the number of worlds... have you noticed that in the Gylfaginning Snorri actually adds two worlds (or heavens) of Light as well? Vidhblain and Audlung. Mostly Light-elves go there. Which is good company. Gylfaginning strophe 19 I think. If these are 'worlds then the count may at least go up to 11 worlds. (I'm just playing around here).
Of course some may say that it is a Christian addition. Which may be true, and yet it may not be. I find the piece very interesting.

I haven't used this Japa type of trance induction but now I surely will. Is it Finnish based?

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