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 Post subject: What is Israel?
 Post Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:26 am 

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What is Israel? I need only think of God and I am in Israel, Yet Israel is a secret and protected as Safed, Everywhere and no where, like a cloud travelling unto the spirit within this world, where the angels and mystics sing and dance, but not offset by the hallucination, which we witness which the media gives us, this is not true, this division, is caused by the schizophrenia of the world, it is pervasive, but Holy Israel is forever pure, now the words give way and make a bridge, Israel is the home of the rainbow, where God is at peace in wisdom, though they obscure the word, throughout the world, Israel is that place where it come purely, accepting all who live in love, all those are our children, we are the love revolution we are the peace. Israel is in Wanti, and Wanti is in Israel, it is hard to understand and yet it is not blocked from anyone to understand, be not attached to the most physical, let it fly out, let it be ecstatic in all things, and the blessing grows, all places are israel, and all things are chosen to the one who sees in truth, and thus that the world is Heaven, floating on the tree, there is no battle, Israel is the sacred forest, and forever they try to understand, yet the way of judaism is far reaching, and accepting all, we all must write and prophecize and offer our truth, for we are all equal, and we reap that which we sow,

fill us with the stars and all their differences and truths that the spirit in us would sing

as it does the planets which are fruits

of divine life's tree of buddha

adawapayo, yr leaves are the purest poetry

true words, deeper than cognition

the creation of the spirit

all things

the advice of the ice

is to cry

Israel is not a place which can be bought, or owned, nor destroyed, simply a place which has always been, a vibration, an enchanted dream which is real, the product of faith, though we all come in different ways we form it, with the truth of the rainbow, it is something within us, when we join with the self who is all around, beyond just the boundaries of the body, we find that truth, all of nature, as the plants we are, we are the dryads, and Israel is our city, everywhere, no where, we are the angels, flying throughout, we are all creation all spirit, awake, sacred, in the divine love which emanates from the universal heart, we are the mushrooms and israel is our home in nature, it is a symbol where the problems of the world break down to their spiritual root, and we can heal them in a different way.

Sometimes in names, sometimes in no names, the first home of the spirits, where we return, we see the truth, thing our world does not recognize, freedom, from the bonds, undone from the chain, we find it again, awake from the dream, the true rave. things that don't stop, the badness gone from the world, it pours through, to be born, in so many ways, we can see it through the words, in the world before words, in the world of peace, and simplicity, before the older ones came to try to stop us from being ourselves

but there were true one who survived through it and they helped us and showed u it would not be gone forever, israel is the hippie, israel is that which rises again, it is not a physical place and yet it is, if we become attached to word and distinctions we leave it.

the place before words, before the logos and logical mind take us break us and overcome our natural nature, we enter this and must make our way out, we can do it, then we can know both worlds and true wisdom.

this miracle is what israel is, which can show us the truth, and the meaning of life and what the world is, and the reasons for that which we don't understand, though they may not be the reasons which a logical mind can accept, but the heart will know is true.

 Post subject: Re: What is Israel?
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:06 am 

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Thank you for your sharing

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