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 Post subject: Unable to start my journey...
 Post Posted: Tue May 03, 2011 7:54 pm 

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A friend of mine has been a frequent member a shamanic journeying group for a long time now, and has always spoke so highly of her experiences; how powerful and emotional her journeys are. I'd really love to experience it myself, so I asked her what I could do to begin. She gave me some drum recordings to listen to, and also some advice on various steps that could be taken in order to start my journey.

I've attempted several times now using various techniques, but sadly nothing seems to work. I lay down motionlessly on my bed (I can't seem to concentrate the same when I'm lying on the floor or sitting up), take a deep breath, think about my intention (to find a guide in the lower world), then close my eyes and listen to the drumming. I listen to the constant rhythm and use it to clear my mind of all mental chatter, before repeating my intention in my head. I try to visualize an opening in the earth, such as a cave or a hole of some sort, and make my way down with my intention echoing in my mind... but after that, nothing more seems to happen. It's as if something is blocking the way, or I'm lacking some sort of connection. I don't feel or see anything out of the ordinary, nor do I feel the drumming have any direct effect on me other than clearing my head... my mind is just locked in a loop when trying to enter the opening. I'm either stuck traveling down an endless tunnel with no apparent exit, or continuously being placed back "outside" the opening.

This happens for about 20 - 25 minutes, at which point I often give up and start to feel really upset with my failure and how much I feel trapped. Much unlike this friend of mine (who has always been a wonderfully-gifted natural in these areas), I've had no previous meditation experience, and there are no groups anywhere nearby for me to join, so finding help is becoming increasingly difficult. When I ask my friend for more advice, she seems bewildered by my lack of success and doesn't know how to help any more... although she strongly believes that, having known me for so long, I lack the ability to visualize properly. :oops:

Am I simply lacking too much previous meditation experience? And if so, what do I do to practice it? I hope this isn't an uncommon problem... it would mean so much to me if someone could offer any sort of advice!

 Post subject: Re: Unable to start my journey...
 Post Posted: Thu May 05, 2011 4:00 pm 

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Hi Jonny,

Don't feel upset; it is something that I've heard of many people when they started the Healer Training at Shuem Healing where I now work for seven years, but with the right guidance - and this I've seen happen a lot of times also - you'll find out how it works for you.

A shamanic journey doesn't necessarily give a whole 'movie' and to experience a good shamanic journey this is not necessary either. I'll give you an example. Last year an older man came to one of our courses and we introduced shamanic journeying the way you also described in your note (a tree or cave where you find a hole in the ground and there you descend into the middle of the earth). From what he told me it was clear to me he had a natural talent for this and made great journeys. However he didn't see a tree and didn't experience going down and was therefore convinced he wasn't doing it correctly.

In shamanic journeying you set your intent in Soul - our unconscious feeling world that we can perceive as feeling or as inner images. In Soul however, there are no clear borders of time and space. That's why the answer can come in many ways; sometimes in images, sometimes it just looks like a thought, sometimes the neighbour passes by and shouts the answer and there are many more possibilities.

Another thing is that in our trainings we always combine Shamanic Journeying with Attention Management. With Attention Management you quieten the mind so that soul impressions of your journey can come more easily.

If you like to, we have several introduction lessons on our website that you can make use of for free. At this moment there are lessons on Attention Management and in a short while there will also be one about Shamanic Journeying. Maybe this combination helps.

Best wishes,

 Post subject: Re: Unable to start my journey...
 Post Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:33 am 

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I would like to read those resources, please. Can you post them here or possibly private message me?

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