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 Post Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 5:23 pm 

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I'm working on a experience with essential colors and music to try to generate a shamanic safe journey in which shapeshifting is essential. The idea is to create a circle of protection, liberation and healing through a ceremony, but instead of remaining central to the whole thing, to journey on the very limits of the circle and have the opportunity of turning it into a loop anyone involved can abandon willingly, (kind of a very intense experience, so I don't want to risk anyone or myself into endlessly, aimlessly spinning) thus I'm trying to create some structure to make it completely safe.

Has any of you had an experience such as this? Any Warning? Any Advice?

One of the things I'm trying to find is where the boundaries between art and shamanism lay in the uncounscious via synesthesia: to generate some kind of 'spiritual machinery' that keeps me 'this way' of the line (shamanism).

I feel a bit uneasy about the whole thing since it's a new idea I've been only lately working on and that's made me leave unfinished some previous projects. It's kind of taking control over me but in such a slow way that sometimes it's too painful to connect the different parts of the structure and I find myself making no significant progress at all.

Maybe is it all a little bit too self-conscious?

The thing is I feel I'm starting a new period rich in terms of energy and intensity, and I'm torn between working consciously on building the structure or simply letting it go and maybe one day it all comes out in an unexpected natural way. I've always worked from a more conscious perspective or from a much lesser one.

Would like to hear your opinions regarding this. It's a very eclectic work and I really don't know what should I expect, especially about the time of the process of development. I don't usually work at this slow pace (and have on account I'm into some kind of strange process that keeps me spinning mentally in my daily life, some times at my very axis, some other times above it, sometimes round the border, others definitely on the edge). So, my current work is more about keeping the flow while controlling my emotions as if they were some kind of horses (wild in the past, now maybe a bit confused, it's like de-domesticatin' your impulses as if they were beasts but hoping them to support you only by means of love, not interest).

Yes, it's like creating a collective spiritual and organic hurricane (in praise to Hurakan and some other gods, spirits and deities), but from a safe, positive and liberating point of view.

Whatcha think?

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 Post Posted: Tue May 12, 2009 10:27 am 

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It sounds like a really neat idea,but I would try to seek as much advice from a spirit guide as I could before trying this,it seems like your trying to insert a little more control into a situation that calls for a surrender of control,I would strive for advice on whether it is a proper thing to do first before trying to work out the mechanics of it,you could be rubbing some of your best helpers the wrong way,spirit guides and totems,while this may be just the right thing for you you may want to seek spiritual advice before including others,others baggage could muddy up the dinamic of what your trying to achieve.slower is better in this case I believe,remember some of the worst things in history have been done with good intentions.

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