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 Post subject: Shamanic Journey vs Astral Projection
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:07 pm 

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What's the difference between the shamanic journey and astral projection. My understanding is that the only real difference is the way the geography is explained. There is the multi-leveled astral plane versus the three tiered world tree or mountain (lowerworld, upperworld, middleworld). Also, the way one begins the different type of journey is also a difference. While the shamanic journeyer goes into the lowerworld, for example, through a long tunnel or cave, the astral traveler moves into the astral plane through a part of the body or through a chakra and directly propels him/herself into the astral world. Does anyone know any more differences. Other than these thing, they are pretty much the same thing. You meet spirit guides and fly anywhere you want to go. Thanks in advance.


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 Post Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2009 11:15 am 

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In my expirience the only difference between the two is the depth of trance you're in. They feel the same to me in essence, only that unlike journeying projection seems to me to be closer to sleep. As such my awarness is different, and I'm operating from a deeper level of consciousness.
The consmology is the same in projection as it is in journeying, only while projecting it is much more alive and 'real' to me. For example, my sword is much more solid in pro' than in journ'. Also the expirience of other beings.

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