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 Post subject: shaman call?
 Post Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 5:20 pm 

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Hi , im new here =) i have some questions i hope anyone on this forum can answer me on .

when i was 13-14years i was on a trip to spain in a buss whit my fotball team . it was a great trip i was at those time a normal boy with high hopes for the future i was inteligent and did know how to get things done .

when we was traveling home i remember i was sleeping in the buss i had this wird dream . i in shock woked up with so much pain in my back thath i cold hardly breath. i remember i did suffer for 4h in the buss just wanted to yell stop but something told me it wold go away soon.
affter 1 week home my immunesystem had change and i was getting rly sick my right knee was lika a balon i coldent walk on my foot. the doctors coldent find out what was wrong with me and i just whent in and out of the hospital for 2years before they diagnosed me whit a cronic illness.

as i said i used to be a normal guy pyshical strong . our family business with building houses was a big sucsess and i worked with my brother enjoying it and i also wanted to become like him , but my life just turned around my cronic illness my pyshical body is to bad for me to ever become a axemen
iv went to hard depresion insomia basicly in hell. changing friends etc
i droped out of school as there was nothing thath intresed me. i did use drugs some times only marjuana
but from this hell i was living in i started to accept it my consiusnes got 1000times stronger . i dealed with my insomia and depresions and got back on my feet , i still dont know what i want to become im now 20 nexyear ill be 21. i only have found 1 thing interesing in my life and thaths the feeling of spirituality .

at the age of 19-20 iv been having strange dreams i also had strangedreams when i was younger with me fighting dragons etc.

i dont write down my dreams i simply remember . i have around 50dreams thath i remember in my head the last year . i dont know much about shamanicm but i know they belive in dreams and i must say i start to do to since iv seen the future in my dreams many times

i wanna tell you about some strange i dreams iv had thath i feel is special.

i dreamed thath i was with a wizard or something i dont quit remember his face but i remember he had a clock and withe horse.

he sended me on a mission, we stond out side a tower midelages kinda looking . he asked me to enter when i came inside the tower ther was 1 bigg berserker troll in chains , and 2 dark wizards they yelled , RELEASE THE TROLL ! KILL HIM . they casted spells on me fireball's . i Remember my Emotions was So powerfull nothing cold stop me i charged the troll and started slacing at him wile the wizards tried to stop me with spells i . i killed one of the wizards wile i was fighing the troll he was week hes spells dident harm me . i finaly killed the troll and i remember the wizard yelling NO!!!! and and turnd around looking at him he pulled his sword out a big dark metal sword i remember i pulled my sword a smaller but it as made out of gold and metal . we stod face to face before i cold hit him i had to mentaly win i cold not hit him if my belifes wasent powerfull . i lost focus a seckond at his swords almost hited me but i got back into focus with real power i felt hes power rly week and i killed him while he coldent move cause of my powers freezed him. my mission was done i got out the door and my master stod outside . he congratulated me and said i have completed this stage but i wasent rdy for the next one .

ever since this dream wird thing have happend i did once try to meditate and i entered a trance i belive my emotions became like the one i had in the dream, i cold feel the same feelings i found myself in the midle of the sun eternal ligh there was no end i did see this not with and eye experiance but i did see everywere in a 360¤


i have many more dreams to tell but im not a good writer in eng so i try to make it short.

future dreams i had in a row .

i dreamed thath i was on a marked with a friend there was many people here a boy pointed at us with hes 2 fingers saying something really bad about and i remember feeling the emotion of anger.

i woke up next day thinking of it . my friend in the dream came to me and asked me if we shold go out drinking something we rearly do thees days.
we got to a local club nothing big allways litle people but this time it was many people and there was an old friend standing there pointed the 2 fingers ut us and yelled something really bad . i was anger and wished i never turned up . i went to sleep thinking of the dream i had again and the it did hit me BOOm everything thath happend in the dream was so like my day.

Next Day:

i had a dream iven do i was drunk :P
my friend did sleep on the floor
i helped him up and told him of my wird dreams and the happenings.

i toldhim my newdream and wondered if something today as well cold happend.

i did dream i was helping an old friend we dont talk much thees days.
and thath i was kissing a girl i had the pictures in my head

some Houers later this old friend i dreamed of called me asked if i cold help him . i ofc said yes

i finaly got home and another old friend calls me to comeover he had a goodbye party cause he is moving out of the country

when i came i was in shock cause the girl in my dreams was in thath party . we had a good time and then boom we kissed i cold then again feel the emotion from my dreams being 100% the same there is much background in this dream but hope you get the point. =)


is this just me beining a false beliver or is this some kind of shaman calling?

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