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 Post subject: My second journey.. feedback please
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:15 pm 

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Hello Everyone ,

I'm new to this and actually this is my first post here :)

I decided to go the lower world for my second shamanic journey to look for my power animal so I landed on top of a temple I wasn’t in very deep trance so didn’t have enough relaxation to fully land next to it so I imagined a stairs taking me slowly down.. when I went down it was like dogs fighting and things were a bit weird right away I entered the temple in search , surprisingly found it empty I didn’t find my power animal inside so I decided to look around the temple and wait a little but with no significant help !

I said I’ll go again to the power animal that I met in my first journey the upper world...but then when I decided to go back on stairs , like something came up and shouted wait , so I got down and there was an eagle on a tree ,I asked him are you my power animal and it shook its head in a way I didn’t understand .. Then I asked were you here with me since a long time?

And then it didn’t answer and just grabbed me and flew in the sky.. I was thinking like “ I don’t even think this is my power animal “ and moments later it dropped me in the sky and then re-grabbed me again !! Looking at the forest from the top I felt there is more to see in this journey. Soon enough it dropped me in the forest and left there when I noticed a monkeys on the trees and sounds of monkeys in the jungle.. I then asked one are you my power animal and like picture fades and I find the monkey holding my hands and walking in the jungle, I asked is there a Waka you are going to give me then he broke a piece of tree branch and looked me in the eyes for couple of seconds then I asked will you give it to me then he just threw it away.. We still walked but my in my head stays in wonder if it’s my power animal so I asked “are you my friend “and then like it was tickling me or something like that .. The drums were calling me back i then told it thank you I’ll be visiting you soon and like the monkey hugged me!! It’s I came back the way I went..

My Questions are :
- Is this a real journey or just imagination?
- can a power animal be as friendly and even hug ?!


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