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 Post subject: My second Journey
 Post Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:36 am 

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My first journey can be found at

I journeyed in seeking an answer to the question I posed in

Second journey

This time I cleansed myself first. I burned a cedar, sweetgrass, and sage smudge stick outside, in my back yard. There was a light breeze. Since I don't have a fan to move the smoke, and I didn't want to use my hands, I thought it best to just let Wind move it for me.

My partner has been upset over an issue lately. She was angry. She was very focused on this anger. As an Empath, it can be hard for her to let go of things. So as I was just getting into the drumming track for my journey, she lay down beside me, facing the wall, her back to me. 

I was journeying to ask my spirit helpers to start working with me on my healing path. I also wanted to know what to do about my back yard, and the disturbance I felt there.

I felt a little uneasy. I was having a problem letting go. It was difficult for me to release my spirit and let it wander. It frustrated me. But eventually, the drumming brought me to my trance state, and I took flight. 

The journey was strange. It felt disorganized, with not much rhyme or reason to it. Unlike my first journey, I didn't travel to the lower plane like I'd planned. Instead, I flew upwards, into a nebulous realm. There was a lot of distance between the structures here. Lots of clouds. I saw lots of entities, again, in animal or mythological creature forms. I spent a large part of the journey just flying around, seeing them. None of them spoke to me. I called for Wolf, who set me on my path for my first journey. He didn't come. I didn't feel abandoned by him though. While flying around, I did get a little irritated at all the randomness, and I called out my question regarding my yard. I got the only verbal response of the journey ,"you already know."

There was a lot of strange architecture. Much of it was white or gold. Lots of spires, and archways. One particular structure I was brought very close to. It was crystalline, seemingly made of a dark red kind of obsidian. There was a kind of display platform on one side of it, where i'd stopped. I saw my hand reach out to this, and retrieve a wand, or some kind of scepter. Let's go with wand. It had a golden handle, which at the top separated into a circular head with a break at the top. Like a 3/4 circle. In the center of the head was a jewel, like a ruby. But it didn't look like it was cut. I retrieved this wand and felt it was important to hold on to it. I flew on.

More spirits, structures, and clouds. More randomness. But at some point, I felt a burst of energy in the left side of my body. It felt cold. But not a bad cold. Like a refreshing, brisk wind. It entered my left half and spread towards the right, dissipating as it neared my midpoint. After more flying, I reached the callback track, and opened my eyes. 

Back in ordinary reality, a few things became apparent, and I started to form questions. Some of which have answers. 

Without me prompting, my partner told me what she'd felt while I was journeying. It blew my mind. When I first started, she felt my frustration. But she said she could tell the moment I left because the frustration changed to a "confused, scattered" state. I was in shock. She felt my journey! Moreover, when I felt the burst of energy on my left side, she felt a cool blast of air on her back! Again, SHE told ME this, before I could mention it! She described it the same way I did. Brisk, refreshing. But where in my journey I "knew" that it was energy, she felt it as a cold wind!

I wondered where Wolf had gone. Then I realized it was a full moon (February 7, 2012) so he might have been busy.

As for my question, the spirits were right. I did know. I'd been thinking it over, and felt them guiding my decision until it felt right.

One mystery is the wand. I don't know for certain want that was. Was it a part of my soul that I'd found? Was it symbolic of me finally taking the steps on this path, and owning the abilities gifted to me? I really don't know. So, there's another journey question!

And the energy/wind is a mystery. I wonder what that was.

And my Empath partner, by the end of my journey, was no longer angry. 

 Post subject: Re: My second Journey
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2012 11:16 pm 

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good post, thank you for sharing

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