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 Post subject: My Journey in a Dream
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:10 pm 

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I experianced a very vivid dream about 4 months after my Fathers passing. But I must first explain some of my background. I did not have a relationship with my Father as a child. I was sickly & weak and he was a strong, beer drinking, bar fighting Ironworker. I felt that I was a dis-appointment to my Father for years. Once my Dad reached his Sagehood, and I became a responsible adult, (after much trial & error), we became friends. My Father died suddenly at age of 80 in June 2010. Amazingly, both my 78 yr old Mother and I experianced an awakening within weeks of his death. I'm 52 years old. We were not a religious family, and had no spiritual ideals. Mom & I both started attending classes on Metaphysics, Spirituality & Afterlife. Within 6 months I began my "apprenticeship" into the Munay-Ki Shamanism with total conviction. During this time I experianced a re-occuring dream. I had the exact same dream, 4 nites a week for 2 weeks. It begins with me standing in a Florida Styled water front restaurant, bar or meeting place. It is very old and dimly illuminated. There are people/spirits there but I am unable to see them, I simply know. I exit onto a "water front" boardwalk and step down into a boat/vessel where I see my Father. (Much younger & healthy). The vehicle heads out onto the "water?" and there are others present, but I cannot see them. We travel thru trees that extend out of the water?, then thru a residential area where trees, homes & beings sit upon the water?. All this without any talking. Next, we enter what I sence is a town or city on the water? The watery street gos up hill but there are no ripples, flow or fall to the water? I see illuminated "signs", but cannot read them. We stop at a staircase that enters a building, I get out of the vehicle and climb the stairs entering the structure. There's a window to my right as I enter, I look out and see the vehicle carrying my Father leaving into a very dark void. I continue to climb the stairs and see a room that is brightly illuminated, blinding. I enter the room and my last thought is I am seeing God and we are planning my present lifetime. I wake-up. This dream never changed a single night and I never remembered dreams up till then, let alone ones so vivid & reoccuring. My early adult life, 20's & 30's was spent drinking too much, drugs, prison. My 40's I began to change my lifestyle & attitudes and today I am successful. I now understand that my life contract was one of extreme difficulty, and I feel as though I am a very old spirit. I have learned to work from my heart and trust my feelings. (For Years I self medicated to avoid my true feelings, creating a false story of who I was/am). I believe we are Celestial Beings experiancing physical life to experiance & learn lessons. I know there are ET's, and some visit us in total observation of humanity, probably workers to the Creator. I do have a better understanding of this dream, but I would appreciate any input someone may have, any feeling someone may get reading this story

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