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 Post subject: Looking for insight
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:25 pm 

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In January this year, I did some journeying to gain some clarity to see if this path is for me. I did this over three days and following is what happened. I used a drumming cd during the journey. Please give me any insight you can as to meaning. I have worked out what I think it means, but would welcome some other opinons.

Part 1
I was in a cave, I don't know for how long I had been there, but when I came out there were lots of people lining up outside to see me. I led them out and we all crawled on all fours down an embankment and into a river and disappeared.

I then saw the sun come an go three times in quick sucession - like a speeded up movie.

I then saw an antelope - a gemsbok to be precise, got cold all over and 'woke' up. I was still very cold when I got up and had to put a jacket on.

Part 2
I saw myself kneeling, on the earth, facing the sun, with my hands in the prayer position at my third eye chakra. A beam seemed to come from the sun, through my hands and into my third eye. I 'knew' that this was knowledge that was being given to me, but that I would not be able to access it until it was needed, by me, or others. At the same time this was happening in the vision, I physically felt a strong pressure in the area of my third eye (I normally get that when I am doing anything psychic).
I physically felt my body lift and at the same time, 'saw' in my vision that my prone body was being lifted up by many people, above their heads, as if I was being 'offered' to the Great Spirit/ Gods/Goddesses/Gaia (i'm not sure exactly who).
A while thereafter I physically, felt my body slowly coming back to earth and 'saw' myself being lowered to the earth, by the people.
I then 'woke up'.
It was a very moving experience and I feel very humbled by it.

Part 3
I went into a hole in the mountain, it opened into a large cavern which I started walking through. It got smaller and smaller, till I was crawling through on my belly in the dark. I could see a light ahead and crawled towards it and came out into the light. It was very beautiful, a river, with lots of lush vegetation, lots of flowers, animals, insects etc. In front of me was a clearing, in the clearing 4 people were sitting cross legged around a fire and there was a space for a fifth person. I don’t know if they were men or women, it didn’t seem important. I walked over and sat down in the ‘space’ for the fifth person. They all in turn, lifted up their right arms and put their right hand on the left shoulder of the person next to them. When a hand was put on my left shoulder, I also lifted my right arm, putting my right hand on the left shoulder of the person next to me, to form a circle. We then rose up into the air.
Then suddenly I was under water, swimming, but I could breathe under water.
Next I was flying in the air, but it wasn’t really me as such, I think that I was a bird.
Then my body seemed to fuse together and I think I was a log or the trunk of a tree.
Then I became a forest fire, speeding along burning everything in my path, yet when I looked behind me, nothing was burned.
I then floated up into the air and saw myself kneeling down at the side of someone who was lying on the earth on their back. I made a circle with both hands and put them on the persons body. Stuff (I don’t know what) came out of the persons body through my circled hands and rose up into the sky and disappeared.
I then felt as if my body was being pulled back in reverse – like a movie in fast reverse – when I got back outside the hole that I originally went through, I ‘woke’ up.

 Post subject: New Member Saying Hi
 Post Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:01 pm 

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Lots of valuable info It really assisted me.

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