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 Post subject: ganesha in the wave
 Post Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:45 pm 

Joined: Tue Jul 26, 2011 4:18 pm
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this is a recount of an unintentional journey to the upper world. it is the only time i have been there, the lower being where i usually end up (too much baggage for the flight still.) it wasn't a dream...i doubt i have to expain to those on this board what i mean, a dream has a quality, a dreaminess. this was a vision. you know one when you have one.

i was on the shore of a vast ocean. the ground was muddy and barren, but there was a beautiful woman planting seeds. she was pregnant. i somehow knew that she always appeared pregnant. near by was a wooden barrier with a giant locked gate. i wanted inside. the woman told me to wait, that "he" would be with me shortly.

when the gate opened and i went inside, there was a handsome middle aged hindi man. i wanted to ask him questions, but he told me to eat first. he gave me a bowl with some food and we sat on a bench. he watched me eat with a contemplative smile. when i was finished, i began to ask, but he silenced me again. he said "soon you will return...then you will know."

i was led outside. suddenly a giant wave came over me, and i thought i was going to drown, but within the wave i saw ganesha. it came right at me, and as it was about to strike me i awoke.

i shot up out of bed, woke my wife and told her the story, tears of joy running form my eyes. i am welling up now thinking about it. this happened about two years ago, and it has had one giant effect. i do not fear death. i mean, i fear being hit by a car when playing in to speak...but i am not worried about being mortal. it was the most blessed thing ever to happen to me.

my question...anyone have any ideas about the ganesh? ganesh is the patron of the arts and i write, so maybe that. i don't know. maybe i just wanted to share this with the class. here is some poetry just because.

i prefer itching to stitching
in my nine times lighter fabric
woven to bewitched standards
but ever fine and softly clothed
naked but for threads
that cross over and underneath
the futile fruit of
that eden tree
and me still sinning and laughing and playing
like i never left.

 Post subject: Re: ganesha in the wave
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:11 am 

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Remember too, Lord Ganesh is a remover of obstacles. If fear of death was hindering you. Either from your "life path" or even just from enjoying life, that may possibly have been his intent. Though I do not presume to know the intent of the gods, it seems like that may have been a piece to your puzzle.

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