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 Post subject: First Journey, more than i expected
 Post Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:10 pm 

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For years I've been in to shamanism but never explored it. I kept a dream journal but didn't do anything besides write down my dream and go about my day as usual. I've had horribly anxiety and depression my whole life (had an intense panic attack in the middle of school that lead me to the hospital) Shamanism (alongside some Buddhism) is really the only thing that has brought me comfort. Therapy and medication did not. Even though I was really into shamanism I never practiced it until a few weeks ago. I just read about it and researched it. After my first experience with a journey, I decided to create this account and share my experience. I really was not expecting it to work as well as it did. Hopefully I can get feedback and guidance as to what I should work on.

Alright here is the setup. I live half a mile a way from Mt Davidson. A small hiking area at arguably the highest point of San Francisco. I hiked until I could see none of the city through the trees and I went off the path to a secluded area. There was this tree leaning growing at an angle and it was very comfortable to sit against it. I stayed there and pulled out my ipod with a drumming track (I really want to get my own drum, better yet have someone else drum for me). All i simply wanted to do was meet up with my spirit guide/guides. I was told that this is a good enough reason to journey. I closed my eyes and my journey began.

First 5-10 minutes or so I just sortof breathed and focused on the drumming. I had a lot of thought clutter and I was waiting for a location with a portal to come to me rather then think of one. I wanted to feel guided, not as If I was just creating a fantasy world in my head. Once i visioned a beautiful waterfall in a algae covered rocky location with a gopher or rabbit hole below my feet, I was ready. I started to enter the hole, it was way to small for a human in ordinary reality to go through. It was vertical so I was using roots sticking through the earth to help me climb down. The whole ended and I fell into a large living room sized cave. There were animals everywhere just moving around seemingly aimlessly. A humanoid fox creature approached me and I asked him if he was my spirit guide. He said no and pointed to an owl flying. I lost sight of the owl almost immediately. I ask the fox how to get to him and he pointed towards a gopher. The gopher lead me through another whole on the side of the wall that I had to crawl through. It was windy and full of separate tunnels that seemed easy to get lost it. I ended up in a cave slightly smaller than the first with a human sized owl sitting on a rock like throne. I asked if he was my spirit guide and he said yes. The fox stood to the right of the owl and said "I am as well." I asked why he said he wasn't before and he stated that he did not want me to turn around, he wanted me to keep journeying. I could almost physically feel their presence. I suddenly remembered I had a friend who has been very depressed lately and I asked what I could do for him. The owl said, "Love him for now, the answers will not come yet." I asked if I could explore more and he said of course. I entered another small gopher whole in the wall to the right of me and fell into an empty black abyss like space, yet I was hanging on the edge trying to get back up. The owl said, "It's ok, you can let go." So I did. I began to fall and got caught by a hawk with its talons. He told me I was free and I could do whatever I want." When I looked up, he had a human head but it changed back very quickly. Another hawk came and they began to play catch with me. dropping me into the others talons while spiraling down. this all felt really exhilarating but scary at the same time like cliff-diving or a roller-coaster. The spiraling turned into a tornado and starting sending me up toward where the owl and fox (the fox is always humanoid in this experience) where. I could honestly feel a dizzy sensation in my physical body. I landed back in the cave and the owl and fox where just where they were when I left. I asked if I was allowed to go back home and the owl said of course, anytime you want. So I thanked them and the fox showed me to the gopher who was waiting patiently by the gopher whole I originally came in through. The gopher guided me back to the room with all the animals and I realized I couldn't get up to the hole in the ceiling. One of the hawks picked me up and rocketed me through it about halfway. After that I climbed the rest of the way with the roots sticking out. I made it to the waterfall and walked through some trees to find my physical body in the location where I started. I walked into myself and opened my eyes slowly. The colors of everything seemed really vibrant.

This experience was so profound to me that I teared up writing it down in my journal. During it, the fox felt the most comforting and welcoming, the owl felt extremely wise, and the hawks felt free and passionate. I don't know exactly how to interpret it but I think letting go of the ledge is letting go of issues in my life which could lead me to something more freeing and passionate. I may be over-thinking it though I currently am in a retreat in Santa Cruz with private hiking trails in the redwoods and plan to journey again. any feedback in this experience/advice for my next one would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading my story.

 Post subject: Re: First Journey, more than i expected
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:31 pm 

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Wow, I would say that was a pretty classic journey--well done! You are fortunate to have more than one power animal to help guide you in your journeys; each one will provide their own unique richness to your life and travels :) If there was only one thing I would recommend to you at this point, is always take one (or more!) of your power animals with you when you journey. They will always get you safely back. Maybe a second thing: Your journeys are unique to you, that is, the helping spirits are giving you messages that are meaningful in your own life context. Think about what you have experienced, then if you feel you need clarification, journey again with your question.

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