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 Post subject: First journey (?) left me puzzled.
 Post Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2014 4:18 pm 

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Hello everyone.
I'm trying to make sense of whether I've had a journey and if I did, what the heck it all meant. It was a bit strange. I put on my drumming CD, lay down, and affirmed my intention to meet my guide(s). I'd read a little about 'entering', and decided to go up, rather than down. I visualized myself as a bird soaring higher and higher.
I found myself in a wood, as the person I am now, not a dense wood, but with lots of paths and clearings. It felt comfortable and I felt at ease.
Then a man walked slowly across my path. He never once looked at me, he seemed to not even know I was there. He looked about 50 ish with a beard and long hair, wearing a white shirt. Just then I skidded on the muddy trail and came back to reality with that jolt/falling sensation you get when dreaming.
Wonder what all that was about ?

 Post subject: Re: First journey (?) left me puzzled.
 Post Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:48 am 

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One thing to keep in mind is that when you journey, you don't only see what you want to. These are entire worlds that you are visiting when you leave your body. With this fact in mind, it's entirely possible that an unrelated spirit walked by in your first Above World experience. As for the abrupt exit, it sounds like you didn't have enough concentration to stay there and your body pulled you back into your body (this is a fail safe to keep you from experiencing soul loss every time you journey).

Just a recommendation: Start your journeys in the Lower World. There you can find allies, totems and other spirits who can help you learn shamanic techniques. These techniques will help your mind be ready for journeying farther and longer (practice makes perfect). Then once you learn their lessons, and they profess that you are ready, go Above and meet a spirit guide.

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