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 Post subject: First journey following Harner
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:55 pm 

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Hi I'm new to this forum and new to Shamanism. I've had a few confusions in my life recently and wanted to see if Shamanism could give any answers.

I tried my first Journey today following the book 'The Way of the Shaman' by Harner.

I don't have anyone to play a drum so I used a shamanic drums audio on my ipod.

Then I tried to find a cave but it was impossible to use it to go down into the other world. I was having some difficulty so I stopped the audio and tried again.

In the book he says you must find the tunnel and follow it down then try and see the other world. The main task is to find the tunnel.

I was a bit upset to not find it but kept trying. Soon I felt a lot of cold, I thought it was probably my hand coving my eyes. Then I say an island with a man who looked like he was dressed in an Indian cloak, standing on it facing a huge whirl wind which he was in the centre of.

I could feel the wind which I felt I was inside of but only watching the man standing there. I felt like one of those salvador dali pictures because everything was very out of focus like looking from a great distance.

I still felt very tense and things did not seem to be working so I found some steps which seemed to lead out. I turned off the drums without waiting for the full ending. I think this was a bad idea because I felt a great rush when I woke up like some one had switched the lights on and startled me out of an intense dream.

I dont want to do anything wrong so is it best trying to control the visions and find the tunnel or just be happy to see the other world from a distance?

 Post subject: Re: First journey following Harner
 Post Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 4:46 pm 

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Hi Leanna,

It sounds like you may have found the lower world. To be sure, when you try to journey again, you don't necessarily have to use a cave. You can use any piece of land to visualize yourself going into the Earth. Some use the bottom of a tree, some use cracks in stone or whatever suits you. Whatever you choose, it is wise to visual a piece of land you feel a connection to.

Next, the first thing you would do is make an intention. If you are going into the lower world for the first time you could have your intention being something like "I want to go into the lower world to find and meet my animal spirit animal guide." Your intention is VERY important in journeying. Be very clear. State your intention 3 times and then visualize yourself going into the Earth and visualize a tunnel going into the Earth. Just sense your self going down into this tunnel until you stop and you see something else.

Once you are in a ''place', look around. You may see nothing or you may just sense things. When you see or sense something ask if it is your guide. You may or may not get an answer. You will want to see the animal (or it's parts--I saw an eye first and then a leg, etc) 3-4 times and then ask again if this is your spirit guide. Wait for the answer that this animal is your guide (which could be a clear yes sound or some other sign- mine winked at me). It can be anything. Remember that your guide's power has nothing to do with its size- so if you get a mouse, don't be disappointed. :)

After you are done or the call back comes; thank the spirits you have come into contact with. Then visualize yourself leaving the lower world the same way you came in. Once out of the tunnel and seeing the Earth from the spot you entered, visualize your feet on the ground and see the Earth around you. This is to make sure you are fully out of the lower world. (If you do not do this, you could get agitated or have a headache or feel disoriented).

If you are feeling agitated or restless after doing a journey, make sure you have come out fully. You can always go back and leave again. If you have fully left the lower world, try going outside and putting your hands on the Earth and ask that the energy be released into the ground. Or ground yourself in anyway you that works for you. This is common when learning to journey since you are in touch with energy at a new level and the body has to process the shift.

Many times when one starts to journey things are fuzzy or out of focus. The more you journey the clearer things will become and the more you will "see." Things will also shift and change as you journey more.

Try not to worry about doing this wrong. Explore and ask questions when you meet your guide(s). Always have an intention when you go in and thank the spririts you come into contact with when you leave.

I highly recommend Sandra Ingerman's The Beginner's Guide to Shamanic Journeying. She is a student of Harner's and this book is written very clearly and it comes with a CD too.

Hope this helps.Good luck!

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