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 Post subject: Dreams Again
 Post Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:28 pm 

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Hope it's OK to post whatever dreams need recording here for a bit. Some dreams to me are akin to shamanic journeys.

I think I had one such early this morning. I recorded my dreams for awhile here last year. I was frankly terrified by the way recording dreams here seemed to encourage more and more experiences of lucid dreaming in parallel worlds, or possible futures in this one at that time that seemed as dark as my past. There was something about all the dreams that seemed like an extension of my waking world in a way that made me long for the vacation of sleep. You want to get away from it for awhile.

Sure enough, as soon as I stopped recording, I pretty much stopped remebering and my dream life has been pretty unremarkable since. Which I've liked.

So, I don't want to open the valve again because I don't want to re-experience these feelings and memories associated with the dreaming experiences I recorded here.

Having said that, I think the one I had this morning has a really important message for me, so as I write it out here, a way to decipher what that message is will hopefully avail itself.

The first thing I remember I'm in a living room with the first boyfriend I slept with, only he is my husband and we are the age we are now.

It's like we married in that world, and it was actually a pretty happy marriage.

Then an older man named Robert suddenly walks into the living room talking about really esoteric things and enacting these things as he spoke.

I made my way to Tim, my real life first boyfriend, but husband in my dream, sat on the arm of the chair where he was sitting, cuddled up beside him and told Robert how pleased I was to see him.

Robert complained that I was "different", and indeed I was. I was a much happier version of who I am now. Contented, completely I was. This did not please Robert.

Next thing I remember I am outside a building which houses an amphetheatre. I got the spelling wrong, I'll correct it later.

The next thing I remember I'm inside the building in the lobby.

The next thing I remember I'm sitting down at a table, with one anonymous guy to my left, and one of the characters from the Godfather movie, who also played detective Fisch on "Barney Miller", a half our comedy about working at a police station, sitting to my right.

He has a program in his hand which he folds and hands to me. I take the program and tell him that I loved him in The Godfather. He smiles warmly and I feel warm and happy.

Next thing I remember I'm inside the amphetheatre, with my altered program. I am looking for and calling out for Tim, but he is gone. I can feel he is gone. Robert is also gone.

There is a guy who lives in my town named Tim Roberts. I am wondering if this dream has anything to do with him, so I'm going to keep my eyes and ears open over the next few days.

I hope everything is OK.

I am wondering if this dream is about him or about me. Maybe writing it here will help sort that out.

It was just so clear, and what I can remember feels so immediate, and the symbols are just begging to be understood, it seems to me.

If you feel like lending your own interpretation, give it a go.

Thanks for reading.

 Post subject: Re: Dreams Again
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 1:29 pm 

Joined: Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:19 pm
Posts: 184
So the most interesting character in the dream was Abe Vogoda. That's the character in the sitcom and the Godfather.

I felt a strong emotional connection to all the players in the dream, but the most immediate to this fatherly figure. In the dream he seemed very much the gentle giant as he folded the program in a way that reminds me of a paper airplane, and hands it to me.

He is sitting to my right, which means I very likely accepted the program with my left hand as I would do in real life.

I was wondering about the meaning of the program and amphitheater, but since I was handed the program by an actor, then the program has something to do with what's about to be acted out in the amphitheater.

Since I likely took it with my left hand, that would be a link to the younger, anonymous guy on my left, as well as the left side of my brain.

I do believe that the right side of our brain is as much a part of the unconscious as the unconscious, but my attention is drawn to the program and a paper airplane and an actor.

An actor who is connected with God the Father by his name "Abe" as Abraham is the father of Isaac, and the seed of three great races of people - Jewish, Christian, and Muslim.

So, does that mean God is intervening in how my program will play out?


But if more clues come up, I'll come back to this.

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